Sidequest Index

Optional scenes and sidequests are generally placed in the script at the time that they become available, but since many of them have a large window for when they can accessed, I've compiled the list here.

This is not a strategy guide! But the dialogue may be helpful to completing them.

Chocobo Sage / Chocobo Breeding

Fort Condor Battles

Gast's Video Tapes

Gold Saucer Games: First Visit / Battle Square / After Reopening

Kalm Traveler: Initially / Returning with the Items

Lucrecia's Cave

Returning to the Midgar Slums

Sleeping Man / Weapons Seller & Great Gospel

The Sunken Gelnika


Wutai Stolen Materia Quest

Wutai: Climbing the Pagoda


Zangan's Letter / Zack's Story

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