The World - Before the End



Icicle Inn

At Kalm...

Hey, listen to me! I heard the barrier protecting Sephiroth is gone!
But with Rufus dead, the Shinra troops don't know what to do. Heidegger and Scarlet don't have what it takes to lead the troops......
I really thought something was finally going to get done, but everything's the same... not a damn thing's changed!

Old Man
Ah, youth... You really believe that big meteor filling up the sky's going to fall here?
If Shinra, Inc was our last hope, and they've been beaten by terrorists...... Are we all going to die?

Inside the first house...

Dear, can you believe it!? They say that Shinra's gone under!!
This world is coming to an end all because those terrorists called AVALANCHE stuck their noses in the wrong place!

Inside the second house...

Old Man
If something ever happened to President Rufus, That'd be the end of Shinra, Inc...... and the rest of the world, too.

Back outside...

The North Crater barrier's been demolished?
So now's the time to defeat Sephiroth.

In the bar...

They say the remaining members of AVALANCHE broke Shinra's resistance and destroyed the Mako cannon at Midgar.
What's going to happen to the world...?

Person in Blue
I heard the remaining members of AVALANCHE smashed the Shinra troops at Midgar.
Lately, there's been a number of scary incidents. I hate it. Just hate it!

Inside the fourth house, if Cloud has the Guidebook from the Ghost Ship:

Kalm Traveler
OH! It's "Guidebook"! Wanna trade it for this Underwater Materia?
How about it?

- Trade
- Don't trade


Kalm Traveler
Ok then, it's a done deal!

He goes over to retrieve the materia.

It's Underwater Materia. Go on, it's yours!

Don't trade

I dunno......

If Cloud has the Desert Rose from defeating Ruby Weapon:

Kalm Traveler
OH! It's "Desert Rose"! Wanna trade it for that Chocobo over there?
How about it?

- Trade

Kalm Traveler
Ok then, it's a done deal!

He snaps his fingers and a gold chocobo appears.

It's a Chocobo. Take it, it's yours!

If Cloud has the Earth Harp from defeating Emerald Weapon:

Kalm Traveler
OH! It's the Earth Harp! Wanna trade it for some Master Materia?
I'm not bein' stingy either! I'll give you all three of 'em!
How about it?

- Trade

Kalm Traveler
Ok then, it's a done deal!
It's a 3-piece Master Materia set... and it's all yours!

Depending on what items Cloud has traded him already...

Kalm Traveler
"[item]" and "[item]"... Will you guys look for them for me?
Now if I can just get "[item]", I can start my journey...

Once Cloud has traded him all three items...

Kalm Traveler
I guess it's time to go on a journey for the souls of my departed friends......

He walks out of the room.

In Upper Junon...

Soldier on the Path to the Airport
I finally got orders to join the Great Sephiroth Plan. I even get to go on the Gelnika too...
But, I'm just gonna ignore them. I wanna live to see the end of the world.
If I'm lucky... There'll be a good place for me in the New World.

At Icicle Inn...

Little Girl 1
Once the barrier's gone, I can hear cries from beyond the mountain...

Little Girl 2
A sad voice is getting louder every second!
The mountain must be crying. Is it hurt?

Man in Thicket
A bright light hsattered the barrier at the crater! What in the world's goin' on!?

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