The World - After Meteor is Summoned


The Chocobo Farm


Costa del Sol

North Corel

Gold Saucer


Cosmo Canyon


Rocket Town


Bone Village

Icicle Inn

The Chocobo Sage

The Northern Crater

At Kalm...

Huh? You're looking for your friend? You want to know where the Lifestream is?
Let's see, I can't help you with your friend, but I've heard about the Lifestream.
When I traveled to the southern islands, a doctor was very kind to me. I seem to recall him telling me something about the Lifestream......

Old Man
Ah, youth... You really believe that big meteor filling up the sky's going to fall here?
If that's the case then all we can do is put our hope in Shinra, Inc.

Inside the first house...

They say the meteor is going to fall, but it's okay! I'm sure Shinra will come through for us in the end and do something!

Girl Upstairs
I can't believe Meteor's really falling this way...... What's going to happen to us?

Inside the third house...

Oh man, oh man!
A meteor's gonna fall on us, and now there's some big huge monster the likes of which I've never seen just wandering around out there!
What's going to happen to all of us!!?

Upstairs, a boy is running around while a little girl watches him.

......My older brother's so stupid. He's so embarrassing I could just puke!

I'm gonna hurry up and get strong so I can crush the meteor to bits! But I gotta train real hard to do it.
Hyah, hayah, eagghh!

Back outside...

Man in Blue
The meteor's going to fall, isn't it? Unless Shinra does something about it, then we're all history!

I want you to stop that talk about a Meteor falling on us!

Even if Meteor falls, If you're in Midgar, you ought to be safe.
They say it's a "Mako Metropolis" so they should survive somehow......

Inside the fourth house...

The meteor's coming, right? Where am I going to stash my money...? Wait, maybe I'd better take it with me and get out of here!

Kalm Traveler
The world's changed a lot in the past few days......
That huge monster Meteor was covering up the sky and acting like he owned it or something...
A lot of my friends have died......
I'm goin' on a journey to pray for their souls.
A map that was sunk along with the ship. ...... "Guidebook"
A rose that blooms once every 1000 years in the desert. ...... "Desert Rose"
A harp that soothes those who hear it. ...... "Earth Harp"
I wonder if there's anyone who'll bring it to me?

Kid outside Bar
My dad still just sits at the bar drinking, even though he knows that Meteor's coming!
It's sad. Even though he's an adult, he just doesn't want to see the world as it really is. I dunno what to do.

Inside the bar...

Person in Blue
And all of Midgar's gonna be destroyed by a falling meteor? Oh, don't make me laugh!
Lately, there's been a number of scary incidents. I hate it. Just hate it!

Listen, I've worked hard till now... and you say Meteor's gonna smash everything to bits?
Well, I ain't standin' around listenin' to fool talk like this. Makes a person lose the will to work, that's what it does!
What're ya, dense? Something like that'll never happen? It's ridiculous!

I heard Shinra's taking all its biggest artillery from Junon and its various other facilities and gathering it in Midgar to fight the meteor and Weapon.
What's going to happen to the world...?

Man in Blue (checking the Mako pressure)
What're you doing checking the pressure of the Mako energy at a time like this? It's probably already too late......
It's times like this when you shouldn't go into a tail spin. You've got to continue to live orderly just like before.
At least that's what I think...

At the Chocobo Farm...

Choco Bill
Oh, what is that? What has this world come to? Stars falling and everything.
With things the way they are now, how 'bout raising a Chocobo?
No, I'm not trying to persuade you for money. It's just because of the state of things in the world.
I thought that it would be a good and healthy thing for you to raise some Chocobos...
Hmm... You just happen to be in luck!
It just so happens that we aren't taking care of any Chocobos for anyone else, so...
I could take care of 6 Chocobos right now, for 10000 gil per Chocobo. How 'bout it?

- Could you take care of the chocobos?
- I'd like to hear about something else
- Tell me how you raise them
- That's all

Could you take care of the chocobos?

Choco Bill
To raise a Chocobo, you'll need a 'Chocobo Stable'.
And they rent for 10000 gil. Currently, I can rent out up to 6 'Chocobo Stables'.
If you rent a 'Chocobo Stable', we will keep up to 4 of the Chocobos you catch in the fenced area outside.
At a later date, you can select the Chocobo that you would like to put in your 'Chocobo Stable'.
'Chocobo Stables' cost 10000 gil...

- Rent it

Choco Bill
Thank you.
My grandson takes care of the Chocobos. He's in the Chocobo Stable at the far right of the farm. Please tell him what you want.

I'd like to hear about something else

Choco Bill
Someone once told me there is a 'Chocobo Sage'... somewhere.
He seems to know how to raise some great Chocobos.
If he really does exist, I'd like to meet him someday.

Tell me how you raise them

Choco Bill
Chocobos aren't hard to take care of.
The day to day care will all be done here.
But, please buy the food for the Chocobo, and feed them yourselves.
Chocobo's abilities will differ with what you feed it, so feel free to choose your own food.
Also, if you're able to find a male and a female Chocobo that like each other, they'll produce an egg. But only if you feed them a 'Nut'.
New Chocobos inherit the abilities of their parents.
I've heard that sometimes new breeds of Chocobo are born with special abilities. I've never actually seen it before, though.

That's all

Nothing happens.

In the stable...

Welcome! Hey, I've got something good to tell you.
The white Chocobo likes it when you scratch behind its ears.
But if you scratch it someplace that it doesn't like, it'll get mad, so be careful.

If you return to the Chocobo Farm after visiting the Chocobo Sage...

Hey, do you know what a Chocobo Sage is?
What!? You've actually met him!?
Wow! What did he tell you?

Tifa tells her.

Wow, that's amazing! ...let me take some notes.

On any subsequent visit after seeing the Chocobo Sage...

Hey, did you ever see the Chocobo Sage again? What did he tell you?

Tifa tells her.

Wow, that's amazing! ...let me take some notes.

- Let me jot this down
- Chole's Chocobo inspection
- Nothing

Let me jot this down

Other than regular Chocobo, there are "Mountain Chocobo" and "River-Chocobo".
In order for the "Mountain Chocobo" and "River Chocobo" to be born,
You feed the "Carob Nut" to a "Great Chocobo" or a "Good Chocobo" and have it produce an egg.
But we don't sell any "Carob Nuts".
A "Great Chocobo" and a "Good Chocobo" are found...
On an island Southeast of the Chocobo Sage's dwelling at Corel. And in the area west of Corel.
The "Carob Nut" can be found south of the Chocobo Sage's dwelling. Monsters carry them.
Let's see, is Bone Village just south of there?
One surprise If you get the "Mountain Chocobo" and the "River Chocobo" to produce an egg,
You'll get a Chocobo that can cross mountains and rivers. I bet that the right nut for that is the "Carob Nut."
Bigger surprise: There seems to be a Chocobo that can cross the ocean.
If you could cross the ocean, mountains, and rivers, there'd be no place you couldn't go.
In order to get an Ocean Chocobo you need to get a Mountain-and-river Chocobo to mate with something else.
If you mate the Mountain-and-river Chocobo with a "Wonderful Chocobo",
You'll get an Ocean Chocobo. But to do that you can't use an ordinary Nut.
The "Nut" that produces Ocean Chocobos is the "Zeio Nut".
This is the first I've heard of it. I wonder where you get them?
Zeio Nuts are found on a little island east of the Chocobo Sage.
"Goblins" have them. With this, you can produce an "Ocean Chocobo".
According to my research, Mountain, river, and ocean Chocobos are hard to produce.
But, if you take the right care of the Chocobo, and increase their Class ranking by winning at the races, it'll increase your chances of getting one.

Chole's Chocobo inspection

Chole (if you have only one chocobo)
Hey, there's only one Chocobo.

Chole (otherwise)
For telling me that story, I'll tell you about each Chocobo's abilities.
From what I see, the fastest sprinter is...
I think it's Choco.
And, the fastest one is...
That's Choco
Also, from what I can tell, the one with the most stamina is...
I think it's Choco.
Finally, the most intelligent one is...
That's Choco


Nothing happens.

At Lower Junon...

I almost passed out when I saw Weapon.
It seems Weapon was beaten, but a Shinra soldier told me there are 4 more.

Once Meteor hits, not just the fish, but the whole ocean will be destroyed...

Older Man
What? Cloud is missing?

Maybe... he dropped some from the North Caves into the Lifestream...
Sir, do you know where the Lifestream runs through?
Cloud might have drifted from there.

Older Man
What? The Northern... what? Sorry, but I don't think I follow.
But... I think I remember hearing Priscilla saying 'Life... something' before.

Tifa goes to Priscilla's house.

Who are you---?
Yeah, I know! It's Mr. Dolphin's playground.
There's a Three-taloned island south of the continent. I heard the Lifestream runs below that island.
But why are you asking about the Lifestream?

Cloud fell into the Lifestream at the North Cave, and has been missing ever since.

Huh, Cloud!?
Hurry up and help him!! He's very important to me.

In Upper Junon...

It's kinda lonely at the airport without the Highwind, isn't it?
I miss that bikini girl on the side of the plane.

Soldiers at the Airport
I sure was frightened when Weapon attacked. It gives me the chills knowing there's still two of them left.
Oh yeah? Well, I'm ready to fight the worst enemy mankind's ever had like a real warrior. It's not everyday you get to fight in an inter-planetary war.

Materia Shopkeeper
Come on in!
I just can't believe it. I never thought a monster like Weapon really existed.

Weapon Shopkeeper
This machine hasn't been working right ever since Weapon got to it!

In the bar downstairs...

Weapon and Meteor scared everyone else off, but I'm sittin' here soused as usual.

I'd like to close down this shop, but we got the regulars to think about... I don't know what to do......

Item Shopkeeper
They're not going to get me down! Not me!!
Weapon, Meteor, even bad customers, aren't going to get me!

Inside the barracks...

Soldier Guarding the Respectable Inn
Hmmm? You have no right to enter!

Commander (drilling a soldier)
Hey!! Stay out of the way!

I'm starting to feel like I can't stop anymore.

Hey! Stop yappin'!

I've been had!! I want to get in a real battle, too!

Soldier Studying
I lost most of my rivals in the attack on Weapon.
Oh, of course, I was here, studying.
And the coveted green officer's uniform is almost in my reach.
After that, I'll get on the newspapers as a plain clothed First Class officer in SOLDIER...
A triumphant return to my homeland!! Tons of fan letters... My future's peachy!

Shinra Member's Bar...

I'm sorry. I've decided to close this place down.
All my regular customers were killed by Weapon.
Everyone was pretty weird, but I got a lot of memories of them.

2nd floor materia shop...

Please! Come in...


Honey Bee Girl
Look, why not forget about Meteor and Weapon for now and do a little impulse shopping!?

Black-haired Girl
Buy a lot, cutie!

I won't charge you for a smile...

Please go to the counter.

Why don't you surround yourself with young girls and have some fun... maybe for the last time.

I hired more girls after hearing that the world's coming to an end, but I wonder if I made a mistake.
I keep getting more and more in debt. I've got to get out from under it somehow. Maybe I'll have Weapon help me.

Thank you very much!

3rd floor accessory shop. The shopkeeper is dressed in a black cloak.

I used to be in SOLDIER. Recently, I've felt like dressing up like this...
I don't know why, it's out of season, but...

In another barracks...

Soldier (trying to cross his legs casually)
I'm learning to be a delinquent soldier!!
I just can't seem to get the hang of it! It just isn't going right!!

Delinquent Soldier
All the real soldiers were killed fighting Weapon.
It may seem ironic that losers like me are still alive. But that's the reality of it.


Shinra Manager
I only came to help with the transporting of Junon's Huge Cannon, Sister Ray, but...
Now the company tells me not to bother coming back...
What's being a Shinra employee all about...?
If Weapon killed all the upper management... then I'll be President...!!

Weapons Shopkeeper
Weapon was really something. Nothing can compare with his strength, but with a selection like this, our weapons'll win.

The docks are empty.

Everyday there's no ship coming in, I always come here to watch the sun go down.
The sun disappears almost like it's swallowed up in the big horizon.
And somewhere out there is a big unknown continent with another port city.
Twilight always gets me misty...
I'm so glad I became a seaman.
Well... I wouldn't have time for one now anyway because of that Weapon thing...
I haven't had a girl friend in 18 years. And I'm a romantic! ......phew.

At Costa del Sol...

At the harbor...

Man Near Sea Plane
Well, I'm not worried. When it all comes down, I'm heading for the skies.
The only problem is...... will there be anywhere left to land?

Woman Lounging on Sea Plane
Not gonna be able to nap like this for much longer.
When you put it that way, I feel kind of sad.

There's no ship to Junon. Recently, there's been a hoard on materials. Everything's topsy-turvy.

Sailor Running Around
Everyone's in a rush to get one last vacation in before the Meteor strikes, That's why it's so busy here.

Back to the town...

Woman at the Information Kiosk
I don't feel like sightseeing around town. What I really want to do is... Looks like Gold Saucer is temporarily closed.

In the bar...

I wan' learn how speak beddah. But don' wan' have stars fall down. You think... same?

White Surfer
I don't care if it's the Meteor or not, I'm not giving up yet!
I still haven't surfed the best waves of Costa del Sol!
I hope the Meteor doesn't strike before I do.

Black Surfer
It's weird seeing the reflection of the Meteor on the sea in the evening!
It gives you the creeps.

Black Man
...huff... wheeze...
Heat and cold are just memories of the Planet......

I don't understand what my boss is thinking!
I'm gonna yell at him! I'm gonna scream my head off till it gets ugly!
Isn't that what life's all about? What do you think?

I'm just sitting here havin' a quiet drink.

Woman Behind Counter
When you're in here, forget all those awful things going on outside, and... just enjoy yourself.

Back outside...

They're burning. Someday they'll burn out.
The stars are just like our youth.
Ho! Ho! Ho!...... It's the end of the world.

Little Boy
Oh wow!! Man, that's huge!!

Little Girl
The stars!! They're in flames!!

At Johnny's house...

I proposed to her in the middle of all that Meteor stuff!
I don't care even if the world were to end right now!
I can't think of anything else!

Good or bad everything's gotta go! It's the end of the world sale!!

Item Shopkeeper
Wanna buy a souvenir to remember participating in the Meteor tour?

Innkeeper (lying in bed)
I don't feel like doing anything. I just want to spend the rest of my life sleeping.
Will you be staying together?

- Yes
- No thanks

At the beach...

Sitting around waiting for Meteor to come...... Why's it gotta fall on us?

It's getting closer and closer. Someone will do something, don't you think?

Woman 2
The sea breeze, sun and Meteor. Isn't nature strange?

Woman 3
I don't care even if it is the end of the world, I just want to sit here and drink cocktails!
Ooooh...... I think I drank too much.

Man Swimming
Eaaggh!! Leave me alone!
I'm trying to learn how to swim before the end of the world.

At North Corel...

Staring up at Meteor won't put food in my stomach.
But if I look down, sometimes I find somethin' to eat.

Inside a tent...

Old Man
The next train's coming in soon.

Black Woman
As long as we're here, Grandpa's not going to be able to forget about trains.
Maybe we'll start anew, moving to Southern Isle of Mideel.

Big Man
Look down... nuthin' but junk. Look up... Meteor.
Am I gonna be stuck between these two for the rest of my life?

Man in Hardhat
Hey, what's gonna happen to the world...?
I guess no one wants to have fun anymore now that the Gold Saucer is closing...

At the ropeway...

Station Man
The Gold Saucer is currently closed. The Ropeway's up and runnin', but there's no point in goin' there.

At Gold Saucer...

I'm sorry, I'm gonna close this for a while.
I'm just debating if I should be in business at a time like this.

At Gongaga...

Old Man
You lost? When that happens the only ones you can count on are your friends.
The first thing you gotta do is find your best friend.

Life Stream? Never heard of it.
The Planet's structure? ...Who cares about that?
Why don't you go ask Bugenhagen of Cosmo Canyon hard questions like that?

At Cosmo Canyon...

Oh, it's you. This is terrible. The color of that unlucky star...
The children are all so scared that they won't even go outside.
I'd rather not see it either...

Mmm...... I can't be standing here talking about the 'Study of Planet Life'.
I think I'll be heading back to my homeland now...

General Storekeeper
Hi. Of course, our stores open.
No need to fear. I have the 'Study of Planet Life' right here.
No, maybe I AM a bit afraid. But, whenever I'm reading 'Study of Planet Life,' I can forget all my fears.

How about our original cocktail, 'Lifestream'?
You should forget your troubles with a drink. We humans sure are weak creatures...

Elder Bugah
Live with the planet, die with the planet.
Maybe this is the way it should be. Who knows? I'm full of booze...
It's when I think about the children. I wonder if we could just save our own children.

Kid in Nanaki's Room
It's not that I'm afraid of that big star.
It's just that, uh, I have a stomach ache... That's why I'm not moving. That's the truth!

Welcome to 'Shindra Inn'. It's times like this a nice, soft bed will do you good.

Weapons Shopkeeper
Welcome. You still want more weapons? You sure are weird...
Uh, I mean, it's weird. if there weren't people like you, I'll be out of business. Heh, heh, heh... sweat...!

Elder Hargo
Mm... oh, this? This is the book of Stars. I'm just finishing it.
Nothing is meaningless. If I do this then, someday, someone will run across it.
The Ancients did the same. That is how we know about them, right? Maybe my book also......

Materia Shopkeeper
Oh man... Everything is over, once the meteor hits...
I've been selling Materia for 10 years now, ever since I was 16. What have I been doing with my life...?
Welcome! Oh, it's nothing. Now, please make yourselves comfortable!

In living quarters next door...

Hmm... I wonder what's going to happen now...

Don't worry, mom! All of us just need to go through that door!
Mr. Bugenhagen sealed it so we wouldn't have to worry bout it!
But what's a seal...?

Up at the observatory...

Ho Ho Hoooo. time to be humming now. The planet is nearing imminent death.
Where is Cloud? Wasn't he with you?

That's why we're here... Cloud... Cloud has...

She explains.

I see... Cloud has......
It's true that there are several places on the planet where Lifestream is gathered.
But most of those places are below the surface where humans cannot reach them.
There's only one place. An island floating in the Southern Sea...
What did you say? I haven't left here in years... No good. I can't remember.
In the Southern Seas I think there was an island where Lifestream is.
But even if you find Cloud there...
Life's dream is a mass of spiritual energy,
and one person alone probably couldn't stand against such an incredible spiritual current...

At Nibelheim...

Woman in Shop
How can you shop at a time like this?
What? 'Me, in business'?
Don't worry, it's all right. I get paid by the company.
My real job is to protect the secret of Nibelheim.
What? Secret?
We don't have a clue. But it's all right.
It's all over anyway!
The end, the end, the end!! Yeah, even as we speak, Meteor...! The End...!

In Cloud's house...

What's going to happen to this planet!? What the hell's Shinra doing!?

In Tifa's room, at the piano...

Cloud... Cloud was playing.
I wonder what... this is...

Received "Elemental" Materia!

At Rocket Town...

In the Inn...

Man Looking at Paintings
Mmmm... I'm starting to see it now...

You don't feel comfortable here? Then, every time you look in the sky you see Meteor.

Meteor's coming toward us!? And I can't even go to the bathroom...!?

Back outside...

If things go on like this, then Meteor's just going to smash right into us and kill us all, right? ......I guess that's life?

Look up at the sky. The bigger Meteor gets, the less time we have to live.

Old Man
Shinra's trying to gather the Huge Materia from Corel and Fort Condor. There are four left, and they're transporting them here.
I can't stand the thought of them using my rocket for something like this.
How 'bout it? Want to look at the rocket with me?

- Look up
- No

Look up

Old Man
It seems like there's a lot happenin' in the outside world, but as long as I got this rocket... I'm satisfied.


Old Man
Oh, how boring...

At Cid's house...

...What's going to happen?

At Wutai...

Woman Walking Near River
Life is like the dew on the leaves of the trees. Whether that planet falls or not is no more than a fleeting glimmer.

At the old man's house...

Old Man
Oh, you know lately things have been like that. You can even see the moon in the afternoon. Everyone's celebrating.

No, Gramps! That's a big red planet in the sky! Everyone's scared of it!!

At the Weapons Shop...

This is a weapons store of the hard cores, by the hard cores, and for the hard cores! Come on and take a look, why doncha!?

Hey yo! Welcome!
You aren't tired of my babbling?
Great! Then come on in and start buying!

At Turtle's Paradise...

First the ground started shaking, then that large star......
Yy, you think... It's all over?

Hey. Things look pretty sad around here.
With things the way they are in the world I guess there's nothing I can do about it.
Running around like a fool won't help matters any. So, we all might as well sit back and have a beer...

Little Kid
When that big star bashes into us, both Wutai and Da-chao are going to be dust! Can't we do something?

At the Item Shop...

You're still gonna sit here and buy stuff at a time like this?
You're an odd one...

And now it's too late to be worrying about materia at this stage of the game...
If you see anything you need, buy it.

Man on the Path to Godo's House
The end is right in front of us...
But what can you do about it? Just go on living your life day in and day out...

Man Outside Godo's House
Have you ever heard the story of the scales of the Water God?
They're not just regular scales. They have special hidden powers. And are impervious to the strongest flames.
But of course I don't think they'd stand up to the fire that huge eerie-lookin' Planet's gonna make when it crashes into us...

In the shrine...

People Praying
num, num...... I hope the planet doesn't fall anywhere around here......
He's in the pagoda next to Lord Godo. Lord Godo says we're stuck...
Help me. Help me. Help me......

Going in the Pagoda without Yuffie...

Oh, you there! How is Miss Yuffie doing?

Did that kid mature at all?

She's always like this. It'll be rougher on you.

Please take care of Miss Yuffie.

Your Mat-...
I mean, please look after Yuffie...!

At Bone Village...

Welcome to Bone Village, a town for nature lovers.
You need something?

- Are you going to run away??
- What are you doing?

Are you going to run away??

We've already learned about everything that has happened from the beginning of this Planet through fossils.
Now, we want to see on through to the end of the Planet... It's such a mixed feeling...

What are you doing?

We're excavating. It's like the land's telling a history of the planet.

At Icicle Inn...

Inside the small house...

I don't think I could live in this town. It gets so cold here!
I have to move again... I don't know where to start.

The reason for the drop in temperature must be because of that dome of light at the Northern limits...
You all should get away from here and go to a place like Mideel Island in the south.

I wanted to get a lot better at snowboarding...

Inside the large house...

Old Woman
Cough... cough... I've been living in this town for 60 years. And STILL I caught a cold...
I heard there's a doctor on a Southern island somewhere. I sure wish he'd come here... cough... cough...

Grandma's been sick for a while and doesn't have much energy lately...

Man in Yard
It's the first time that the temperature has dipped this low, this fast...
There's also that mysterious light at the Northern limits too. Does it mean that we've reached the end of the world?

At Icicle Inn...

With all the strange things happening in the world, I kinda understand why people want to leave...

Man 2
Maybe we'd better leave town soon too.
Let's go to that island in the South! What was it called...... hmm?
Yeah, yeah, I heard that there's a town called Mideel on a southern island.

Person in Bathroom
I'm still in here! All right!?

Back outside...

Little Girls
I heard that there's a barrier on top of the mountain.
What's a barrier? You mean that light on the top of the mountain?

Man in Thicket
There's a barrier at the North end of the crater! You shouldn't go any further.

The Chocobo Sage's house becomes accessible after gaining the Highwind, but can be visited while Tifa, Cid, or Cloud is the party leader.

Chocobo Sage
Ho ho. It's unusual for people to come to such an out of the way place...
I can't remember how many years it's been since the last person came.

Cloud, Tifa, or Cid
Who are you?

Chocobo Sage
Me? I'm......
I don't know.

You don't know who you are?

Wha? You don't know who you are?

Huh? You're sayin' you don't even know who you are?

Chocobo Sage
Been a while since I gave it any thought...
Wonder what they used to call me?
Oh yeah!! They used to call me the 'Chocobo Sage'. That's right!!
Right, that was it, The Chocobo Sage!!

(no one would forget that)

(Who would forget that?)

(the hell's up with this guy?)

Chocobo Sage
Now what can I do for you?

Cloud, Tifa, or Cid
- What about that Chocobo?

Chocobo Sage
That chocobo? Well that one is...
Let's see now, I don't quite remember...

On a second visit...

Chocobo Sage
Now what can I do for you?

Cloud, Tifa, or Cid
- You remember something?

Chocobo Sage
I remember now! That's the one they call...
It's a Mountain Chocobo. And just like the name says, he can cross any mountain.
There was another one that could cross rivers, too. They call him 'River Chocobo'.

Where can we catch one?

Where can we find one?

Where can I get one of those Whatdyacallem chocobos?

Chocobo Sage
There aren't any around now.

...... That's one right there isn't it?

What about that one right there?

What're you flappin' about? There's one right there!

Chocobo Sage
Wha? I wonder what he's doing there?
Can't remember for the life of me...

On a third visit...

Chocobo Sage
Oh, oh yeah! That chocobo was...
......was bred from a 'Great Chocobo' and a 'Good Chocobo'.
When they're given "Carob Nuts" while breeding, there's a chance you'll get one of these Chocobos.

So where's this chocobo?
So where can I get some of these 'Carob Nuts'?

So where can I find those Chocobos?
...and what about those 'Carob Nuts'...

So where is the chocobo?
And what about those nut things?

Chocobo Sage
Huh? Where? Where was that?
And what was that nut?
Can't remember for the life of me...

On a fourth visit...

Chocobo Sage
Oh, OK. I remember! That chocobo...
...It's on an island southeast of here, In a place called Corel surrounded by greenery.
You should be able to catch one just west of Corel. And some 'Carob Nuts', too......
There used to be some monsters just south of here that had them. Or you might...
............ Funny...... What was I saying just now?
Can't remember for the life of me...

On a fifth visit...

Chocobo Sage
Oh right!
It was about the Mountain Chocobo and the River Chocobo I told you about.
When you mate these two together... get one that can cross rivers AND mountains.
And... And also... uh, what was I saying?
Can't remember for the life of me...

On a sixth visit...

Chocobo Sage
Oh, yeah! And also...
There's one that can cross oceans, too!

You probably don't remember but...
How can I get one of those Chocobos?

You probably are going to say you forgot, but...
How can I get one of those chocobos?

Great! I know you probably already forgot but,
Where can I get one of those chocobos?

Chocobo Sage
Hey, don't tease me like that! To get an Ocean-crossing Chocobo, you just...
Let's see now... ...Nope. Don't remember a thing.
Can't remember for the life of me...

On a seventh visit...

Chocobo Sage
Oh, I remember! The Ocean-crossing Chocobo is...
The Mountain-and-River-crossing Chocobo is...... is... Oh, what was I saying?
Let's see now... ...Nope. Don't remember a thing.

On an eighth visit...

Chocobo Sage
Right, right! I remember! You take the Mountain-and-River-crossing Chocobo...
Mate it with a 'Wonderful Chocobo' you can catch right around here... And you'll get...
Can't remember for the life of me...

On a ninth visit...

Chocobo Sage
Oh, right! You'll need a...
'Zeio Nut'. Now let me see, as I remember, the Zeio nut...
Where was it you could find those things?
Can't remember for the life of me...

On a tenth visit...

Chocobo Sage
Oh yeah! Zeio nuts were...
The favorite of goblins. There's a small island east of here where the goblins have a bunch of them.

And finally...

Chocobo Sage
I think...
...that's all I'm gonna remember.
That's it...

If you return to the Northern Crater and ram the barrier with the Highwind...

Wh, what the hell was that!? That came buzzin' past here like a powerhouse!

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