The World - Before the Temple of the Ancients

The Chocobo Farm

The Sleeping Man


Costa del Sol

The Weapon Seller

Cosmo Canyon

Rocket Town

Bone Village

At the Chocobo Farm...

Choco Bill
How 'bout a Chocobo Lure materia?
Each level it increases, makes it easier for you to find a Chocobo.

In the Sleeping man's cave, across the river north of Junon...

Old Man
You've already fought x times... ......zzzzz....... zzzzzzzz......
Come on. You already escaped x times. ......zzz...... zzzzzzzzz......
Large materia needs high level materia............ zzzzzz...... zzzzzzzz......

If Cloud tries to search his belongings...

Old Man
What're you groping around for!
......zzzzz......... zzz.......

Old Man
Who're you?
Hmph. I guess it was fate that I woke up and met you. Here!

If the number of battles fought ends in two even numbers...

Received "Bolt Ring"!!

If the number of battles fought ends in two odd numbers...

Received "Mythril"!!

At Junon...

In Lower Junon...

There's a dolphin in the bay. If you get close enough and blow the whistle, it might come to you.
If you want to get on the ship, why not have the dolphin take you?

In Priscilla's House, Priscilla is asleep in her bed.

No... that tickles...
No... Stop......
Mr. Dolphin......

Elevator Guard
If you want to get on the elevator that badly, give me 10 gil!

- Okay, I guess
- No way!

Okay, I guess

The elevator door opens.

Elevator Guard
Hurry up and get in!

No way!

Elevator Guard
You're such a cheapskate.

On the Junon Airport Path...

All I wanted was to become a pilot! It used to leave me speechless watching the Highwind in the sunset!

Soldiers Practicing Victory Poses
Someday I'll get to use my special pose in a real battle!
Same here!! I'll keep practicing until then!

In the weapons shop...

Weapons Shopkeeper
Hey! Yo! You want weapons?

In the bar, Rude is gone but the rest of the bald club remains...

Bald Black Man
It just isn't a party without Rude!

In the barracks, a commander stands reprimanding a soldier.

Hey!! Stay out of the way!

Ever since I was late to that parade, they've been on my back everyday with basic training.
I can't handle it anymore!

Hey! Stop yappin'!

Soldier Studying
Ugh... My eyes are tired... No, this is the time for me to really buckle down!
Until I become SOLDIER First Class.

Soldiers Sleeping
Grrrrgh--- ---Grrrgh

Cloud can take the lifts up to the base, but soldiers guard the way inside.

You can't pass.

On the path to the Underwater Reactor, a group of soldiers is drilling.

Hey!! Civilian!! Stay out of our training!!
Go around them! And stay out of their way!!

Cloud can get on the elevator to the Underwater Reactor.

Elevator Attendant
...gulp... Going do---wn.
This floor is the Submarine Dock...
Those of you visiting the Underwater Reactor, please proceed through the connecting tunnel.
...gulp... We're here...

Cloud gets off the elevator. The two doors leading farther are guarded by soldiers.

Only authorized personnel are allowed past this point!
You know too, right? About Junon Navy's important classified information.
A new submarine has almost been completed using Shinra's top technology.
A new version of submarine. I'll be sailing on it. Man, I can't wait!

Soldier 2
Man...... It's so boring keeping watch at the Underwater Reactor.

Taking the elevator back up...

Elevator Attendant
...gulp... Going u---p.
Returning to Junon.
...gulp... We're here...

At the Shinra Member's bar...

I'm sorry. The bar is only for Shinra employees.

I'm a good lookin' man once I take my uniform off.

Soldier 2
Mommy... My mommy...

Soldier 3
Booze, booze! Ain't nothing like booze during working hours.

Inside Junon Inn...

Welcome to the 'Inn'd of the line' in Junon. Wait, I shouldn't be sayin' stuff like that.
Wanna spend the night?
- 30 gil
- Forget it

30 gil

Enjoy your stay.

Cloud and the others rest.

Good morning! You still seem a little sleepy.
Looking forward to seeing you again.

Forget it

Come again.

In another barracks...

These barracks are for soldiers. This is no place for civilians.

In the streets just outside the docks...

How 'bout a ship taxi? Only in Junon!
Free to Air Force personnel!

- Sure, call 'em
- Nope

Sure, call 'em

Roger!! Hey! Taxi!!

A helicopter comes.

Where to?

- The next town
- Outside Junon

The next town

Right! The next town it is!!

He flies Cloud to the streets outside the airfield.


Outside Junon

Then outside Junon it is! Take care!!!


Just holler whenever you want a ride!
If you get sick easily, maybe you'd better not go.

Soldier outside Cargo Ship
Lately it seems like the economy's been better. Must be the 'Rufus' effect.
Cargo ships are always coming and going from Costa del Sol.
Now I'll overlook the fact that you're a stowaway, but you better at least help with the cargo.

At Costa del Sol...

Man Near Sea Plane
Hey, who're you? You look like you've been around the world twice.
I don't know what your story is, but hang in there.

Woman Lounging on Sea Plane
Today's a great day for a nap in the sun. It always puts me in a good mood!

Thinking of being stowaways?
It's 100 gil to Junon. Give it to me, and I'll put in a good word with the captain.
What'll we do?

- Pay up
- Don't do it

Pay up

Okay. Come on. This way.
It's not the most pleasant ride but make the best of it.

Don't do it

Thank you. Come back any time you want to stowaway on our ship.

Sailor Running Around
Ever since Rufus complimented him, he ran around for a while, And we haven't heard a peep from him since...

Along the streets...

Women Walking Around
Why's that!?
Not yet!!
It's your fault!
What's wrong with you!?
You wanna go!?

Little Girl
It hurts when you kick me with your bare feet!

At Johnny's house, after getting the buggy...

Heh, heh, heh!...... My woman and me are getting along pretty good.
But I'm such a pitiful waste......


...sigh...... I'm not good enough for her. What I should do?

At the beach...

Always the same story... Women never pay any attention to me...

If this is your idea of flirting... forget it. I do fine as it is.

Woman 2
The sea, the wind and the sun. Don't you just love the outdoors? It always puts me back on track.

Woman 3
Hey, good timing. Would you mind putting lotion on me?

- With pleasure
- Sorry

With pleasure

Cloud laughs and puts lotion on her.

Woman 3


Woman 3
Hey, loosen up a bit.

Cloud enters the Weapon seller's house.

If he comes before obtaining the Tiny Bronco, the house is empty...

...No one's here. We'll come back later.

After obtaining the Tiny Bronco...

Weapon Seller
Huh? Oh another customer. You sure picked an out of the way place but...
But if it's the "Keystone" you're looking for, you're too late. Don't have it.


Weapon Seller
What? You didn't come here for that?
The "Keystone" is the key that unlocks the gate to a very old temple somewhere.
You're not going to believe your ears,
But I heard it was the Temple of the Ancients!!

The Temple of the Ancients...

Weapon Seller
Kya, hah hah hah...
Don't take it seriously. It's just a legend!
Huh? What?

- Where is this "Keystone"?
- Where is the Temple?
- Let's change the subject
- Never mind

Where is this "Keystone"?

Weapon Seller
I sold it already. Yeah well, to tell the truth, I didn't really want to sell it but...
That guy had a way about him that made you feel like it may not be a good idea NOT to sell it to him...

Who did you sell it to?

Weapon Seller
The manager of the Gold Saucer... think his name was "Dio". Said he was going to put it in his museum, then he took off out of here.

Where is the Temple?

Weapon Seller
Come on... it's only a legend. But if it were true, that sure would be something, huh?
Now that you mention it, I have heard of something called Ultimate Destruction Magic
was supposed to be hidden somewhere in the Temple of the Ancients.

Ultimate Destruction Magic...?

Weapon Seller
Come on! I told you not to take it seriously!

Let's change the subject

Weapon Seller
All the weapons you see here I made myself. But lately I haven't been able to get materials...
Hey you wouldn't happen to have any Mythril on you, would you? I'll trade you something good if you could spare some.

- Give him some
- Forget it

Weapon Seller
Hey thanks! All right you can help yourself to either a big or small box.

When checking the wooden chest downstairs:

Received "Gold Armlet"!

When checking the wall safe upstairs:

Received "Great Gospel"!

Never mind

Nothing happens.

If Cloud tries to open something without giving him Mythril...

Weapon Seller
Hey, don't just come bargin' in here!

If Cloud walks to the bed...

Weapon Seller
What? You want to rest?

- Yep
- Nope

Weapon Seller
Oh all right. You can use that bed.

At Cosmo Canyon...

Kid near the Cosmo Candle
Nanaki, are you leaving again? We want you to stay here forever...

Welcome to 'Shildra Inn' As long as there are guests, our lights will always be on.
It is 100 Gil a night. Would you like to stay?

If Nanaki is not in the party...

Ho Ho Hoooo. You people.
Where is Nanaki? I hope he's not bothering you.

If Nanaki is in the party...

Ho Ho Hoooo. I'm glad you're back, Nanaki.
I hate to ask you but, please look after Nanaki from now on.

On returning to Rocket Town...

At the Shanghai Inn...

Would you like something to drink?

- Let me hear your story

Y'know, I heard Rufus rushed back to headquarters in Midgar...

Man at Table
How long's that guy gonna be in the bathroom? I need to go too...

Back outside...

Oh, it's you? I heard you and the Captain really made a BANG!
I also heard that Rufus was so pissed off he went on a rampage and that no one's been able to get near him!

I heard Tiny Bronco broke...
That sucks. I was secretly eyeing that thing. Broke, huh? What a drag.

Old Man
Because those Shinra creeps locked us up in our houses, we couldn't even watch the rocket lift off.
I never thought that my only hobby would be destroyed by that arrogant young Rufus...!

At Cid's house, Shera is working on the car inside.

I'll take care of everything at home. But please take care of the Captain.

At Bone Village...

Welcome to Bone Village, a town for nature lovers.
What do you want?

- Have you seen Sephiroth?
- What are you doing?

Have you seen Sephiroth?

Oh, the man in a Black Cape. He was looking for the Temple of the Ancients.

- The Temple of the Ancients?

It's way down south. It's right on the other side between this town and the inland sea.
It's the pyramid that rises within the forest.

- How do you get in?

You'll need a Keystone.

- What's a Keystone?

Just like it sounds. A rock that's a key. I heard that some rich guy has it.

What are you doing?

We're excavating. It's like the land's telling a history of the planet.

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