The World - After the Rocket's Failure

Midgar: Sector 5

Midgar: Sector 6



Costa del Sol

North Corel

Gold Saucer


City of the Ancients

Great Glacier

If Cloud returns to Midgar, there is a person standing outside the gate to Sector 5.

That's funny... did I drop the key to this gate... somewhere? Was it when I was on that excavation tour?

Cloud can dig for and obtain the key up in Bone Village. He can then return and enter Sector 5. In Aeris's church, two kids stand near the flower bed...

They're purty!

Hey! Where's the flower lady?

Elsewhere in Sector 5...

Person Outside the Pipe
These folks went wobbling off somewhere...
They said something about the 'Reunion starting'... sounded almost like a chant. Wonder what the heck that meant.

Woman Walking Around
I'm not going to look up or down! From now on I'm just going to look straight ahead.
Maybe not. I'm just flapping my gums. I really wonder how things will turn out.

Person in Blue
What's going on with the world? When it's all said and done, we're all gonna wind up dead.

Man in Straw Hat
Yeah, that's right! But, even so, where could we move to now...?

Person in Blue
...You've been talking like that for sometime now.

Materia Shopkeeper
And I just got together enough money to get out of this place...
Now it doesn't matter where I go! Ho, ho, ho...

Item Shopkeeper
...stare... ......hmph... we only trade items for gil here. No matter what.

Weapons Shopkeeper
I don't know crap about crap! But I do know one thing.
The one thing that you'll always need is a good strong weapon!

Inside a house...

TV g, ga ga..............

SOLDIER? What about them!?
Damn! If they really were from SOLDIER, they would be doing something about all this!!

Man Upstairs
The trick to bein' a real man, is not to fart around, but to let everyone know where you stand, right off!

Sector 6, Wall Market. A soldier stands guard outside the Honey Bee Inn...

Heee, ...... The Shinra have occupied this shop!

Inside the automated item store, if Cid and Tifa are in the party...

Hmm? Let me see that.

He messes with the machine, then turns to Tifa.

It should work now. Go on, try and use it now.

Tifa presses a button on the machine, and a bright light flashes red.

Cid! What did you do!?

Don't get mad, you'll just get more wrinkles. Hey, something's comin' out.

Received "Premium Heart"!


Cat Kid
I wish I could live with a real cat.

We're not leavin' this city no matter what happens.

Man Outside Restaurant
It's a weird world we live in, so eat up and work hard.

Man Cooking Outside
I don't know what's gonna happen next, But first, you gatta fill your stomach.

Man Outside Dress Shop
Seems like everything has frills on it.

Inside the gym...

Man Using Punching Bag
These days, you've got to have strength. Come on, you should work out.

In the Weapons Shop...

Weapons Shop Owner
Oh, so you're back? I got something good for you. Why don't you buy it?

You probably just found it lying around somewhere, right?

Weapons Shop Owner
I'll admit that I found it, but you may never be able to get another one like it again.
How 'bout 129,000 Gil for it?

...What kind of price is that?
- Oh, all right... I'll buy it
- No, I don't want it

Oh, all right... I'll buy it

Weapons Shop Owner
Hey, much obliged. You'll never regret it!

Or, if you don't have enough money:

Hmm, looks like you're a little short, son. Come back again.

Received "Sneak Glove"!

No, I don't want it

Weapons Shop Owner
Hmm, that's too bad. This's really something.

At Kalm...

Listen to me! Something really big's happening in Midgar.
They were just saying on TV it was Rufus second strategy and...
That big cannon's pointed due north...... You think the target's...... Sephiroth?

Sephiroth put up a huge barrier around the North Crater.
Rufus wants to use a mammoth cannon to smash the barrier.
He plans to have Shinra troops rush in and attack Sephiroth after the barrier falls.

Inside the second house...

Old Man
Everyone at Shinra's in an uproar because they heard Weapon's coming.
I heard a big hydroplane carrying secret weapons, got attacked by Weapon and was sunk at sea......

At Lower Junon...

I heard a war's about to start! And that's why they're moving the big cannon!

Older Man
Listen Cloud, I'm over the hill, but Priscilla is still a child.
Isn't there a way to protect at least her from Meteor?

In Upper Junon...

The Shinra Army's gathered at Midgar. Now it's just a matter of time Sephiroth's dead.
What... me? I don't mind. I'll just wait here. My life is important to me.

Soldier Guarding the Respectable Inn
Hmmm? Back again, Mr. Know-it-all!?
All right! You can enter!!

At Costa del Sol...

Johnny's House...

No, no, NO!! Meteor's getting bigger by the minute!!
I wanna live on the edge right now! I want to build a home with my woman and grow old together!
If you can't do it, I will! And that's that!
I'm gonna do my best, so you hang in there, too!

At North Corel...

Man in Hardhat
Hey, the Gold Saucer reopened!
We've got to play hard to get our minds of Meteor.

At the ropeway station...

I'm gonna use all my life savings before Meteor hits!

I know how you feel, but what if Meteor doesn't hit us? What are you gonna do then?

Station Man
The Gold Saucer reopened. Why don't you go play hard and clear your heads as well as your pockets?

At Gold Saucer...

I thought about it, but there was only one conclusion.
I believed that because of the way things are, there's a need for a place like this.
Enjoy yourselves... Ha ha ha ha...

Occasionally, a man will appear standing by the house in back of the ropeway.

Hey, how 'bout it, change your gil into GP?

- Yeah
- Not interested

Hey, thanks 1 GP is 100 gil.
Is x gil okay?

- Yeah
- No

If you want some more later, I'll be around now and then.

He vanishes.

At Chocobo Square...

Hey, long time no see... How have you been?
There's a lot going on in the world outside.
It got a little lonely around here, but you can't keep a jockey from doing what he loves.
How 'bout it, you want to ride again? You have your own Chocobo, right?
Do you want to ride?

- Let me register
- Tell me how to ride it
- Don't do it

Let me register

Which one?

Cloud selects a chocobo.

I'll register this C/B/A/S rank Chocobo.

- Yeah
- I changed my mind, don't do it

Which do you want, the long course or the short one?

- Short

Occasionally, Tifa or Cid may interject here:

Hey, Cloud. Let me ride once in a while.

Hey, Cloud. Let me hop on sometime.


On Cloud's first race:

Yeahh, But the jockeys can't buy tickets.
If you win, you'll get an item ticket, so do your best!

On all subsequent races:

Good Luck! Take care!

If Cloud wins...

I won!!

Lady at the Ticket Desk
You may exchange your ticket for an item or GP.

- Item please
- I want GP

Item please

Received "[Item]"!!

I want GP

Lady at the Ticket Desk
Your ticket will be x GP. Is that all right?

- Yeah, gimme GP
- No, I'll take the item

Congratulations! You came in first!

After winning 3 races in C or B rank:

And your Chocobo moved up a rank.
From the next race on, that Chocobo will be in B/A rank.

After winning 3 races in A rank:

Wow that's great.
Looks like you don't have any rivals in the A rank anymore.
But you know, there's a rank that's full of those Chocobos.
Ahem!! From the next race on, that Chocobo is...
S rank! Joe's usually in that group, too. So good luck.

After a number of wins in S rank:

It's the first time since Joe that any jockey has won so much in the S rank.
Good job. Here's a little something from me!

Received "Sprint Shoes"!

Received "Precious Watch"!!

Received "Cat's Bell"!!

Received "Chocobracelet"!!

Received "Counter Attack" Materia!!

If Cloud loses...

I lost...

Tell me how to ride it

Oh, you forgot? It's all right. Ahem!
First use the [Select] button to choose either AUTO or MANUAL.
In other words, either you control the Chocobo or let it run on its own.
But it's pretty hard to make the Chocobo run the way you want it to. If the Chocobo doesn't like you, it won't listen.
You can't really help on this one.
But, most of the Chocobos that I'll provide you with are mellow and you should be able to handle them.
When you're riding, use the [] Button to Speed Up and the X Button to Slow Down.
But, if you go faster than the Chocobo can handle, it'll lose its stamina really fast.
And use the Directional button to move the Chocobo left and right, use the O Button to get a boost of speed.
Of course your stamina runs out faster though.
There are some bad tempered Chocobos that can't pace themselves and they'll lose their stamina pretty fast.
For those kinds of Chocobos, you should set the controls on Manual and slow it down.
Finally, some advice for the restless, once the first and second Chocobo cross the goal line,
Push the [Start] button to end the race.

Don't do it

Nothing happens.

At Ghost Square...

Welcome. No matter what happens in this world, The Ghost Hotel will always be in business.
For reservations, please step up to the counter.

At Battle Square...

Black-haired Man
What, you too? With the way things are in the world, It makes you wonder what we're doin' here?
Well, it's a little late for me to run around now, so I do what I love, it works best for me.
Oh, by the way, did you know? I heard that there's going to be a battle and only the strongest will be allowed to participate.
But what do they mean by 'strongest'? If ya ask me I'll say it's 'weapons.'
But, there's gotta be a way to measure this too. Mmm, we need another way to measure strength.

Man Practicing Kicks
I'll give that Meteor my ultra kick...... ...or...... maybe not.

Registration Lady
Those two over there eloped, saying stuff like 'OUr last moments together---' I can't bear it.
I don't have anyone like that in my life so, if something happens, it happens.
...that's why I'm working now. Oh, sorry for going off like that...

If Cloud tries to enter the arena without registering...

Registration Lady
Um, I'm sorry, that's only for registered participants. You won't be able to go in through there until you come and register.

By this point, Cloud may be able to access the special duel at the Battle Arena.

Registration Lady
You know, I've been thinking about it for a while now, but you must be pretty strong?
Probably strong enough to take on the top 1 or 2 fighters?
Maybe you'll be good enough for the big match......
How 'bout it? There's a private battle only for the strongest. Wanna try?

- Let's do it
- Not interested

Woman Outside Battle Square
I watched you win eight battles. I want you to have this!

Received "Sprint Shoes"!

Woman Outside Battle Square
Good luck in the future, too!

At Round Square...

Woman at Ticket Booth
Sorry it's out of order.

At Speed Square...

Hey, since the prizes changed, I got 5000 points again.

Wow!! You're so wonderful!!

Man, I finally got a prize...

At Wonder Square, there is now only a single chocobo mascot, and fewer people playing games...

Chocobo Mascot
I'll hang in there, even if I'm alone!

Man Running after Kids
Now, be careful of Meteor.

Staffer Offering Prize Exchanges
We got new prizes. But what's in them is a secret.

First Person Playing Wonder Catcher
I can't stop, no matter what's happening outside...

Second Person Playing Wonder Catcher
You sure are an unusual one. Staying here with all that's happening outside...... guess that makes, uh, two of us... huh?

Fortune Telling Machine
Never give up.

At Gongaga...

Old Man
Shinra's tried a lot of things, but it's only HUMAN. It's fate that Meteor will kill the people.

...Everyone's going to die. Everything's coming to an end.

Returning to the City of the Ancients and approaching the crystal in the viewing chamber...

...It's similar.
This place... is similar to the inside of the Lifestream.
...All the different noise.
...The noise doesn't go through your ears, but directly into your head.
It seems to mean something... but I can't quite get it. I hate not knowing what it is.
That's what this is similar to.

(any of the others)
Now that you mention it...

My head feels like it's gettin' crushed.

My head feels like it's getting crushed.

My head feels like it's getting crushed.

My head's about to pop.

Cait Sith
My head, it's about to be crushed.

My head is about to be crushed.

My head feels like it's gettin' crushed!

So Aeris came here too... She stood in this exact spot...
Hmm... Aeris didn't have to come here.
She was able to find out all the information here.
What Aeris needed was that altar... and only that.
Aeris...... Aeris... What were you planning to do?
What... are we supposed to do?

In Great Glacier...

It's dangerous past the cliff because of the Barrier!
It's better not to go anywhere near it!!
Like to rest a little?

- Oh yeah
- No, thanks

Holzoff (if Cloud declines)
Don't over do it.

If Cloud attempts to go to the cliffs, Holzoff comes running out of his house.

Look we can't go to the cliff! So just give it up!!

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