Icicle Inn - Aeris's Birthplace

Exploring Icicle Inn

Gast's House

A Run-in with Elena

After crossing the snow fields, Cloud and the others reach Icicle Inn.

Girls Building a Snowman
It's almost finished!
Next time, I'm gonna make an even bigger one.

In the Weapons Shop...

Little Girl
Grandpa, wake up! We have a customer!!

Old Man
...smack... mff... Oh... welcome, glad you came.

Inside the large house...

Old Woman in Rocking Chair
My husband left 20 years ago and still hasn't come back.
He should at least be at the foot of the Gaea Cliffs. It's marked with a check on the map...

Young Woman
Grandma, don't sleep so close to the fire!

Old Woman
I just get s-o comfortable.

Young Woman
The master is an experienced climber, you know.
I've heard that he knows every corner of that Great Glacier!

Man in Yard
It's nearly impossible to reach the Northern limits without a map.
If you're thinkin' 'bout going to the Northern limits, you'd better take that map on the wall.

If Cloud has already taken the map...

What nerve! You already tore down the map.

Cloud takes the map on the wall and leaves the house. Inside Icicle Inn...

Black Surfer
You heard about the gnarly hill in this town? They tell me it's off limits!

White Surfer
What luck! We came all this way... crap!

We came from Costa del Sol to snowboard, but we're just about to leave!

Man by Furnace
Phew, what is it? Don't get too close, or it'll burn ya.

It's colder than usual today...
It's 200 gil, you wanna spend the night?

Inside the inn's bar...

Welcome! You look like a STRONG one...
If you want, I could lend you an ear...?

- Yeah
- Not interested


The woman gets up and sits elsewhere.

I got bored listening to his stories.

Man in Overalls
Am I boring you?

Not interested

What's with you!? You make me sick!

Man in Overalls
If you go further North, I heard there's a Huge Crater.
Something huge must've fallen from the sky a long time ago!

I've heard there's a snow woman, at the Great Glacier, that hates hot springs...
But I think it's just a myth to scare off visitors.

I heard some guy went to the Great Glacier in the North.
What an idiot. Is he thinkin' 'bout going to that hot spring?

Blond Man
He's probably gonna get lost in the glacier and freeze to death.
No matter how well equipped he is, out there in that cold on the glacier, I give him two days at the most.

Redhead 2
You thinkin' of going North?

- That's my plan
- No

That's my plan

Redhead 2
Well... if you're going past this town you'll need a map.
Maybe there's one left at Mr. Holzoff's house. He used to be a mountain climber.


Redhead 2
Yeah, we really don't have anything here, but make yourself at home.

Do you know what a Cetra is?

Man 2
What was the Cetra......? Oh yeah, it's the same as the Ancients, right?

Yeah, a Cetra lived in this town a long time ago.
Her name was Ifalna, and she knew about a lot of things...

Man 2
Whadaya mean?

I heard she was abducted by the Shinra and was taken somewhere.

Man 2
Shinra and the Ancients... I smell somethin' fishy...

Man in Bathroom
You're a real freakazoid, aren't you?

Woman in Bathroom (later)

She punches Cloud.

In exploring the village, Cloud finds a vacant house that once belonged to Professor Gast. There are several videos that Cloud can watch.

Having seen everything, Cloud leaves Gast's house and heads for the slopes.

Man in Thicket
No, don't!! It's a steep downgrade, past here.
It's dangerous, please don't go!

- I'm still going
- Thanks for your kindness

I'm still going

Man in Thicket
Damn, I was just being nice...
What the? Who are those people over there? Looks like trouble!

He runs off.

Thanks for your kindness

Man in Thicket
No, no. I just did what came natural.
All right, I'm not too busy now. Do you want me to teach you how to ride a snowboard?

- Maybe you should
- Not interested

Maybe you should

A controls explanation ensues.

Not interested

Man in Thicket
You're so boring!

When Cloud says he's still going, Elena enters the village, accompanied by Shinra soldiers.

There they are, hurry!!

Yes ma'am!!

Elena and two soldiers run up to Cloud.

Cloud... huff... wheeze.
I won't let you go any further!

What's down there?

It's a SE-CR-ET.
It really doesn't matter! But you really got guts doin' my boss in like that!

You mean Boss...... Tseng? That wasn't us. Sephiroth did it.

No! Don't think you can fool me, liar!

I'm not lying... it was Sephiroth.

Don't try to act innocent. I'll never forget it!!

Oh, man...

Looks like talking alone won't cut it. You're going to have to feel some pain!

Just you... and me!!

No, I can handle him! There's no way he can avoid my punch.

What? Yeah......

If Cloud dodges Elena's punch...

Elena goes rolling past him on down the hill, and the soldiers chase after her.

Ele... Elena!?

Man in Thicket
What the...? They sure were weak for Shinras.

If Cloud doesn't dodge...

Elena punches him, knocking him out cold.

Why? Why didn't you try to avoid it...
There's no way they can climb the Great Glacier anyway.
Put them in some house in the village.

Cloud wakes in Gast's house.

Now, Shinra soldiers stand guarding the town's entrance.

This village is now under martial law!

- (Do what you're told)
- (Kick his butt)

(Do what you're told)

Don't be angry. I'm just doing my job.

(Kick his butt)

Stop it, there're kids around!
Listen, I probably shouldn't tell you, but I hear something big's going down up North.
The President's gonna be there. So, would you please just lay low for a while?

Girl Sledding
Who is that man?

Man on Roof of Small House
When I first moved here, I saw a man with a Black Cape heading North.
It seemed strange seeing a Black Cape against the snowy white.

Inside the small house...

My boy got hurt right about the time we moved here...
I never should've bought him a snowboard.

......whimper...... weep...
I got hurt on my snowboard, and now I can't go out for a while...
Hey, I'll give you my snowboard.

Received Key Item "Snowboard"!

Tell me when you get good at it.

Man in Thicket
Sorry I just took off a while ago... It looked like there was going to be trouble.
Anyhow, you'll need a snowboard to get down that hill. Want me to teach you how to ride one?

- Yeah, maybe you should
- No, not interested

Yeah, maybe you should

A controls explanation ensues.

No, not interested

Man in Thicket
All right, big-head... But don't blame me if you get hurt.

Cloud heads off down the slope.

Man in Thicket
Be careful!

Cloud and the others snowboard down the slopes, finally flying off an edge and falling down into the Great Glacier.

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