Final Fantasy VII Fanfiction


Break Me [Read on AO3]

I originally wrote this in high school, and of all the fanfiction I churned out in those years, it holds up the best. Taken captive by Sephiroth instead of killed, Aeris struggles to dissuade him from his plans before it's too late.

Content warning for sexual assault (not explicit).

Break Me: Epilogue [Read on AO3]

A short sequel to Break Me, commissioned by and shared with the permission of ~roxzci on deviantART. This is how I imagine the two months following the main story.

They Were Monsters [Read on AO3]

In the midst of his breakdown in the Shinra mansion and desperate for answers, Sephiroth breaks open the locked basement door to find the man who might be his father... But though Vincent presents him with possibilities he hadn't imagined, Sephiroth struggles with who to trust, and what path he might follow--Jenova's, or his own.

Those Called by the Storm [Read on AO3]

An AU in which Cloud never comes to Midgar, and Tifa accompanies AVALANCHE on the mission to bomb the No. 1 Reactor. That night she meets a certain flower girl who'll change the course of her life. Shinra and the threat to the Planet are no different, but they'll face all of it together.

In Search of Rain [Read on AO3]

A sequel to "Those Called by the Storm." Nearly two months after the defeat of Sephiroth, Yuffie rejoins AVALANCHE in their mission to take down Shinra for good, and to rebuild a scarred world.

One Shots

Meetings [Read on AO3]

Aeris reflects on her few encounters with Sephiroth over the years since her escape from the lab.

So Much We Don't Know [Read on AO3]

Barret/Shera. In the wake of Meteorfall, two acquaintances take the first steps to knowing each other better.

What Comes After [Read on AO3]

Roughly a year after the Nibelheim incident, Tifa meets a kindred spirit in the Sector 7 slums.