Makai Senki Disgaea: Revelations


"What the hell is this!?"

The instant Laharl took a seat in the chair in his office, he sprang back up in surprise. The chair had bitten him.

"Yay, you got caught."

"Shas, so it was you......" As he tore off the cushion which had bitten him in the rear, Laharl glared in the direction of the voice he heard from the recesses of the room.

"Was the pit your doing, too?"

"Yes, and?"

"Then what about the shokuma? And the poison arrows?"

"All me!"

"I won't forgive you!" Laharl snapped at Shas, who showed absolutely no sign of remorse.

"Yay, a game of tag1!" Shas shouted and ran out.

As he was about to leave his room to run after Shas, Laharl gave up and his legs stopped.

"I don't know which one is more villainous."

You saved her, didn't you? Laharl thought, and slumped his shoulders dejectedly. He made an about-face to return to his office, and at the same moment, his foot slipped.


His leading foot went sliding rapidly forward. Hurriedly he flew up into the air, and escaped the danger.

When he lowered to the floor and looked at his feet, he saw that a yellow peel had been placed there.

"And who put this here!?"

"You got caught!" Jane called out in a delighted voice from the other end of the hallway, and then she went running.

"Laharl-chan fell on the banana peel." She spread it about in a loud voice as she ran off.

"Seriously......" Laharl muttered as he returned to his office.

Two days after that incident, Vesuvio and Yasurl had left their parting threats and returned home to their own estate. Shas had said that she didn't want to go home, and remained behind. Flonne had said that she would take charge of her, so it turned out that she was living here for the time being.

Following a knock, there came Etna's voice.

"Prince, Gordon says he's leaving."

Gordon and the others were later than they had planned, but he had heard that they were going home now.

"I'm coming."

Laharl stood and left his office.

The spaceship in the courtyard was already finishing its warm-up. The burnt walls and destroyed towers were one way or another being repaired. Gordon's departure had naturally been delayed in order to fix them.

"You're going now?" Laharl asked.

"Yeah. Don't call me anymore," said Gordon.

"That's right. I probably won't call you while you're alive."

"That's what I'm asking you."

Gordon held out a hand, and after thinking for a moment, Laharl grinned.

"Well, at any rate, once you die, you'll come to the Netherworld as a prinny."

"Wait a second. Why must I, the Defender of Earth, fall to the Netherworld?"

"Because I'll call you."

"Even if you die, there's no escaping the 'Defender of the Netherworld.'"

At Etna's jeering, Gordon gave her a look that said 'give me a break,' and then all three of them burst into laughter at once.

A little distance from that circle stood Flonne.

Separating from Gordon, Laharl, and the others in the midst of their conversation, Jane jogged away.

"Ne, what's wrong, Flonne-chan?" Jane asked her as she noticed her and stepped up.

"Just something, a thought." Her gaze was on Laharl.

"Did Laharl-chan do something?"

"I don't know. When I look at Laharl-san, I have a feeling like a pain in my chest—"

Jane nodded as though she understood. "Mm, well, you know, when there's someone you like, just thinking about that person makes your chest hurt."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah. It's like that with me, too."

"What!? Jane, is there some man that you like?" Gordon had come to call her, and on hearing those words, the color of his face changed.

"Uh-oh, he found out." Jane pressed the palm of her hand to her mouth.

"Jane, tell me in detail. What sort of man is he?"

"Dear, let's go into the ship," Jennifer prompted.

"Wait! I won't forgive this! I won't allow Jane to associate with men!!"

"Dear!" Jennifer caught Gordon's arm and hauled him along, and looked at Jane over her shoulder. "Jane, it's time you said your goodbyes."

"Yeah......" Jane's face fell at that, and she turned to face Flonne. "Then, bye, Flonne-chan."

"We'll meet again someday."

"After I'm dead, right?"

"And yet, that isn't saying we can't see each other, right?"


Flonne and Jane exchanged smiles and parted.

"That's it, isn't it?" Flonne nodded to herself. "That is to say, I like Laharl-san, don't I?"

As though she understood it now, Flonne murmured, "That's right. This is love, too. It's not at all different from everything up until now, is it?"

Reaching a hasty conclusion, Flonne walked off.

"Flonne-chan, Gordon says he's leaving already."

"I'm coming now," Flonne called, and joined the circle with Etna and the others. They saw Gordon's family off.

Raising a thunderous roar, the spaceship ascended.

Looking up at the scene from inside the castle was a group of demons.

"It seems this Oooverlord's reign will be looong, huhhh," said a zombie.

"I heard the boss of the opposing faction turned tail and ran," said a gargoyle.

"He has connections to both Celestia and the Human World. He has no enemies ready to face him," said a golem.

"Is that so?"

"What, do you have some complaint?"

The one who had asked the question was a single prinny. His cold, silver-colored eye was different from the other.

"No, I'm only concerned whether it's all right for one so soft to be Overlord."

"Hey you, the newbie over there! Go take the orientation like you're supposed to." Etna had returned from the farewell, and her voice came flying.

"Yes, yes."

"It's not 'yes.' The way prinnies speak, it's 'yes, dood!' And when talking about her, call her 'Etna-san.'"

"I know," the prinny replied coldly to the gargoyle's warning, and departed with a clacking sound.

"What was with that guy just now?"

The demons looked at each other.

"By some chance, was that—" Etna watched the prinny go and made a grim face. But, in the next moment—

"Well, I guess it's fine."

She shrugged it off lightly, and Etna looked at Laharl, who was still together with Shas in the courtyard.

"Maybe I'll start his training over from square one," Etna murmured in amusement, and noticing her, Shas waved a hand to her.

Both of her eyes had changed to gold, and the evil gaze had vanished.

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  1. ^ This time she actually does say tag.

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