Makai Senki Disgaea: Revelations


From the very beginning, this story is the sequel to the novel Makai Senki Disgaea: Enter the Maoh. Because it is directly connected to a novel somewhat different from the game, I think even those who have beaten the game will understand it better if they read the previous volume.

And, well, that's all the advertisement I'm going to make.

Hello, this is Kamishiro.

The joke at the end of the previous volume predicted that there would be a second volume, but now it's really happened. It was meant entirely as a Disgaea-style joke, but there were so many readers who took it seriously and wrote me questions like "When is volume two?" and "It's coming out, right?" It was a little unexpected, but consequently it really came out. I'm grateful.

Well then, this time I took the liberty of daring to write a story not from the game.

Last time, I was rushing to fit so much of the game into one volume, and so I tried to write a little about the thoughts of the main characters and the state of the Netherworld which I hadn't much described.

A few new characters, Laharl's family, appear. Some of you may have noticed, but most of the characters' names are derived from volcanoes. So, the new characters similarly have the names of volcanoes. I thought it might be fun to broaden the world map, too.

Anyway, I've written the girls as cute, energetic, and villainous—I mean, innocent. Please enjoy it.

Oh, that's right. Supposedly they're coming out with figures. I didn't know when I was writing this volume, and when I heard afterwards, I laughed.

Finally, the editors who brought about my story, Chou Niku-san who drew not only the game characters but also my original characters, and, lastly, everyone at Nippon Ichi Software who gave the OK to this project, you have my thanks.

And, of course, my readers who hold this in your hands, you have my greatest thanks.

October 24, 2003

While listening to the Secondhand Lions OST...

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