Makai Senki Disgaea: Returned


"Ah, you've failed again."

"We are sorry, Creator."

Flonne made a face that said it couldn't be helped at the Vijan who were bowing their heads in shame.

"If it's something big, then you make it skillfully, but you're absolutely terrible at small things."

"We are sorry, Creator."

"I told you to stop that."

"No, the Creator is the Creator."

Flonne let out a heavy sigh, and looked at the pulverized figures.

In the end the Vijan could not create things the same size as themselves. The life-form which had brought them to life— the Creator had left nothing but his Vijan manufacturing plant and gone on a journey somewhere.

Perhaps he had already perished.

That possibility existed, but Flonne being Flonne, she could not say such a thing.

The Vijan had left on their own journey to search out their Creator, passed several tens of thousands of years, saved Carter by chance, and wound up thinking he was the Creator. After all, he had possessed many machines smaller than the Vijan.

And then, Flonne had had the figures which were not only even smaller, but of the same form as the Creator.

That was what had determined the Creator.

Thanks to that, Celestia's destroyed town was repaired in three days, and Laharl and the others were able to return to the Netherworld only two days later than they had planned.

But, the problem was the Vijan. They had tried to follow Flonne, but there was no way that she could call all of them to the Netherworld.

In the end, just a portion of them separated and changed places for a time. The rest of them were on stand-by out in space. Even so, hundreds of thousands of Vijan had come to the Netherworld.

Well, to say how it all worked out—

A construction rush had begun in town. Development of the demon town which had been barely scraping along now continued without rest. Of course it was because of the Vijan, but there was another reason.

When Laharl went to see the town, the prinnies came bustling up to him.

"We're working hard, too, dood."

"We're almost finished, dood!"

Several prinnies spoke proudly, pointing at some zombie houses in the midst of construction.

"Ohh, well done," Laharl praised them, and the prinnies ran back to the spot.

Wherever he looked, prinnies were working so frantically that it gave him the creeps.

In order to redeem themselves for the sins of their previous lives, prinnies worked to earn money, and once they had saved enough in accordance with their sins, those sins were purified. However, because the Vijan were working for free, they were having their manual labor taken. The prinnies had no choice but to become frantic.

In a good mood, Laharl's eyes stopped on one prinny in the quarry for the golem's houses.

"Hey, Number 9, you're getting on, huh."

The prinny cutting up stone with a saw answered sullenly, "Yeah, dood."

Around him, Vijan stuck close for surveillance.

"Work hard. Your service period won't be over for a long, long time. After all, you have a hundred thousand years."

Laughing, Laharl went away.

"Someday I'll kill him, dood," he muttered, and he was immediately prodded by a Vijan behind him.

"No unnecessary talking."

"I get it, dood!" Number 9 shouted back, and he continued pulling the saw.

In the Netherworld, peace continued.

Several days later, Laharl was angrily looking over petitions as half-baked and self-centered as always in his room when Etna came up to him.

"Prince, the exchange students from Celestia have arrived."

"Now that you mention it, that was today, wasn't it," Laharl muttered, remembering that he had sent off two people from the Netherworld that morning. He hadn't found any guys from the Netherworld who wanted to go to Celestia, so he had sent out a werecat and pumpkin chosen by random lottery.

Standing in the room, Etna was making a strange expression, and Laharl looked at her suspiciously.

"What's with that face?"

"Well, how should I put it... Well, anyway you'll understand when you see it," Etna said with a subtle, amused expression that spelled trouble.

"What the heck does that mean? Well, fine. Bring them in."

Then, flower petals came fluttering down before Laharl.


A gust of wind blew, and the pink flower petals danced in a swirl. What appeared in the center of that was—

"The messenger of love and friendship, the angel of beauty Vyers has arrived!"

The man's suit was smart and stylish, with a single red rose on the breast. On top of that, white wings grew from his back. Reborn in the form of an angel, Mid-Boss himself gave a theatrical bow.

"W-w-w-what the hell, you!?"

On the verge of falling out of his chair, Laharl pointed at Mid-Boss.

"I wonder if you did not hear me? Well, then, once again. I am Celestia's messenger of love and—"

"Enough already!"

"It wasn't 'messenger,' it was 'dead guy.'1" Etna smiled, making a joke that wasn't a joke.

"And why are you an angel!? What happened to cleansing your sins!?"

"Hmph, what a foolish question. I have already completely proven that I am one who possesses a pure heart which has never harbored either a sin or a wicked thought."

"Ah, now that you mention it......" Etna spoke up.

She remembered that, previously, he had been able to hold calmly to Flonne's pendant, which called down punishment on anyone with a wicked heart who held it.

"Do you understand, mademoiselle? All along, I who so admire beauty had no sins. If I had any, it would be my own beauty."

"I'm getting a headache."

Laharl was honestly holding his head, and from his side a figure came flying.

"Laharl, I'm here!"


Completely at a loss for what to do about Ozonne embracing him, Laharl looked to Etna for help, but she coldly turned her eyes away.

"The Netherworld seemed like it'd be more comfortable. No one said how long, so I can stay in the Netherworld forever," said Ozonne.

Just then Flonne came running in.

"Ozonne, get away from Laharl-san!"

"W-why is Flonne here?" Flustered, Laharl tried to get away from Ozonne, but with her arms around his neck, he couldn't.

Seeing that, Flonne's tone grew even fiercer. "I came because I had a bad premonition. Get away from him, Ozonne!"

"It's fine. And Laharl is free. Or are you trying to say he's yours, Sister?"

"To talk about people like things—!"

"So you aren't? In that case it's fine. Isn't it Laharl?" Flaunting, Ozonne snuggled closer to Laharl.

"N-no, Flonne's getting angry," he said.

"But she's not involved."

"Ozonne, I'm getting mad."

Ozonne laughed abundantly at Flonne, who had taken one step forward. "You mean to use violence on an exchange student? It'll become a big problem."

The fallen angel and the angel glared at each other.

Caught in between the sisters, the Overlord.

There was a tense feeling like fireworks about to burst.

"Even though she should just say it clearly," Etna murmured in amusement, and Mid-Boss snapped his fingers.

"Ohh, that's right. I completely forgot that I was entrusted with a message."

"From who? Lamington?"

If he could escape from this situation, Laharl was willing to rely even on Lamington.

"No, no, it is from the Maman of that mademoiselle." Mid-Boss bowed to Flonne and went on, "'I am entrusting you with our promise,' she said. A promise— Ahh, what a sweet sound it has. For a flower such as yourself, mademoiselle, it is most appropriate."

"Umm, what promise?"

Flonne stared at Laharl with a blank expression.

"N-no, it was, er—"

Flustered, Laharl's gaze searched for a safe place. Flonne seemed not to understand, but Ozonne was glaring at him with a severe gaze. Seeking a place to run, he settled on Etna, but she grinned and clapped her hands.

"Don't tell me, you made a decision with her parents about your future?"

"Oi, is that it, Laharl!?" Ozonne pressed him with a strangling force.

"Ggh, you're really strangling...... me—"

And running into the midst of this came Shas.

"Laharl-chan, let's play!"

As soon as she spoke up, Shas took in the scene and looked at Laharl with reproachful eyes. To Shas, Ozonne and Flonne clinging to Laharl's neck could only look like tug-of-war.

"Ah, you're playing with other girls! Even though you promised me!!"

"No, there's no way this is playing......"

"I'm playing, too!" Shas launched herself at Laharl's neck with all her might.

As if to add even more to the confusion, an explosive sound seemed to shake the room.

"We've come to renovate the castle, dood!"

A group of prinny carpenters, apparently competing with the Vijan, came crowding in.

"We'll do this, dood!"

"You will leave it to us," said the Vijan.

The prinnies and the Vijan glared at each other.

Flonne and Ozonne gripped Laharl's neck.

The angel Mid-Boss let out a loud laugh.

"It seems like things are back to normal," Etna laughed in amusement.

"No, they've gotten worse!" Laharl shouted and took in deep, deep breaths.

It seemed that the young Overlord's depression would continue for some time.

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  1. ^ These are homophones in Japanese — 使者 shisha and 死者 shisha.

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