Makai Senki Disgaea: Returned


It wound up coming out again. This is the third volume.

I don't have to say it, but, because this story is continuing, if you do me the favor of reading the volumes Enter the Mao and Revelations then your understanding will be quicker. Those who have not yet done so, let us run to buy them with great speed. Or rather, please buy them. I ask it of you.

Anyway, this is Kamishiro.

This is the second volume of the original story which follows the novelization of the game, but I thought maybe it would be okay to bring out some characters not in the game—or something like that, and my unease seized me more than I expected with a "ugah," and in a hurry the third volume of the story surfaced.

It's a rushed story, so I continued at a crazy schedule even faster than last time. I am worn out. Laharl's cries are the cries of my heart. I'm serious.

Well then, the last volume was a considerably quiet story, so this time I made it a little showy.

Please look forward to it. (For those reading from the Afterward first.)

How was it? (For those who have finished reading.)

And, each time what I worry about most is next time's preview, but I was thinking maybe it's about time I cut the jokes. Out of the three volumes, I wonder which was the funniest preview? Please share your thoughts with me.

And last but not least, my editors who waited for another story from me, my illustrator Chou Niku-san, and finally everyone at Nippon Ichi Software who OK'd this unexpected project, you have my thanks. Especially Chou Niku-san, who on an even stricter schedule than me even drew my original characters, thank you for your hard work.

And of course, all my readers who hold this in your hands, you have my greatest thanks.

While I'm at it, please try Nippon Ichi Software's new release, Phantom Brave. And the soon-to-be-published novelization, too.

January 28, 2004

While listening to the Timeline OST...

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