Junon - The New President Rufus

Under Junon

Reaching the Upper City

Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony

Exploring Upper Junon

Send-Off at the Docks

Cloud and the others arrive at Junon, walking into the old part of the town, grey and nearly lifeless. At the far end of the little street is an elevator to the upper city guarded by a single Shinra soldier.

What happened to this town? It's so run-down...

Wow, now this is rare. We almost never have anyone other than the Shinra people visit this town.
I know you guys want to go to the Western Continent, but the only way is on a Shinra ship.

Inside the Weapon Shop...

Weapons Shopkeeper
If you see a weapon you want, you'd better buy it.

Or, if you speak to him behind the counter:

You want me?

Back outside...

Ever since... Shinra built that city up above during the war, ...ugh, ugh.
There's been no fish in the water! It got so polluted... phew...

What kinda place is this?

Older Man
Who are you people? Where did you come from?

Did you see a man with a black cape?

Older Man
Hmm... I've never seen that feller before.
There's nothing here now... But it used to be a busy port.

Elevator Guard
HEY! This is Shinra, Inc.'s elevator. Don't be snooping around here!!

Cloud goes down to the beach, where a little girl is playing with a dolphin.

He-y! Mr. Dolphin!
My name is......
Now you say it.

She turns around as Cloud approaches.

Who are you guys? Are you members of the Shinra, Inc.?

No! You got it all wrong! We're fighting against the Shinra!

No you're wrong! We have nothing to do with the Shinra.

No... stay calm...

...we don't get along well with the Shinra.

Hey watch your mouth! We hate the Shinra!

...that's how it is.

I don't believe you! Get out of here!


Hey! Look at that!

What's that!?

Look at that!

Hey! It's a monster!

Whoa, Gawd!

A sea serpent approaches from deeper out in the ocean.

Be careful Mr. Dolphin!

She runs out into the water, the serpent attacks her, and she falls unconscious.

Hey! Hold on, we're coming!

They fight and defeat the sea monster, and then Cloud carries Priscilla ashore.

This is bad... You don't think she's dead, do you?

Older Man

He comes down to kneel near her.

Nope... she's not breathing...
Hey, that's it!
Young man, CPR, now!

Mouth to mouth!?

C'mon Cloud.

Cloud, hurry!

Do it, Cloud!

But, ... she's just a girl......

Cloud, what are you going to do?

You know I can't.

Older Man
What? You don't know how? Come over here, I'll show you.

Guess I gotta do it...

Older Man
Just take a deep breath, hold it in. Then breathe into her.
Hurry up and do it!

If Cloud inhales for too long without giving her CPR:

Older Man
What are you doing!? Hurry up! Breath deeply and give her mouth to mouth!

Eventually Cloud manages to resuscitate the girl.

Uh... ugh...

Older Man
Hey hey! Priscilla, are you alright?

He picks her up and carries her off. Cloud follows, going up to Priscilla's house.

Older Man
Sorry, Cloud. Priscilla needs to rest for a while.

Woman (waiting outside her house)
Hey, come in for a while.

Cloud and the others follow the woman into her house.

I heard what happened. You've done so much for Priscilla.
You all must be tired. If you want to get some rest, stay here.
Make yourselves at home.

She leaves the house.

I'm gonna relax for a while.

Want to rest?

Take a rest?

Shall we rest?

Wanna rest?

- We'll try later
- Let's rest

Cloud and the others turn in for a while.

...That reminds me.

You again?
...Who are you?

...You'll find out soon. ......But more importantly, 5 years ago...

5 Years ago... Nibelheim?

When you went to Mt. Nibel then, Tifa was your guide, right?

Yeah... I was surprised.

But where was Tifa other than that?

...I dunno.

It was a great chance for you two to see each other again.

...You're right.

Why couldn't you see each other alone?

...I don't know. I can't remember clearly...

Why don't you try asking Tifa?


Then, get up!

Hey wake up. Wake up, Cloud!

Cloud wakes to find Tifa standing nearby. There is muffled but lively music in the background.

When Sephiroth and I went to Nibelheim, where were you?

...We saw each other, right?

The other time.

No... it was 5 years ago. I don't remember.
But, something seems strange outside. Cloud, come quick.

Cloud follows her outside.

For the past few decades, the only thing I've been hearing about is the Shinra.
I miss the times when we used to talk only about fish...

Cloud finds the others all gathered at the stairs leading up to Priscilla's house.

Seems like something's goin' on up there!

I heard that girl regained consciousness.

Doesn't it seem a little strange? Everything getting so noisy all of a sudden...?

Does this have something to do with the Shinra?

What's this loud music? It's giving me a headache!

Cloud starts up the steps and Priscilla comes out of her house.

Are you all right now?

Umm... thanks for helping...
I'm sorry, I mistook you for one of those Shinra, Inc. ...

That's all right.

I'll give you something SPECIAL!
It's an amulet. Take good care of it, ok?

Received "Shiva" Materia!

What's that music? It sure sounds lively.

I heard they're rehearsing the reception for the new Shinra president.

Rufus!? I gotta pay my respects.

Grandpa and grandma told me this beach was beautiful when they were small.
But after the Shinra built that city above, the sun stopped shining here, and the water got polluted...
I was raised on that story and hate Shinra so much, I could die!

You think Rufus is thinking about crossing the ocean from here, too?
What? Does that mean Sephiroth already crossed the ocean?

Cloud, didn't you finish Rufus off?

We gotta get to the town up there... Mebbe we could climb the tower?

No! No! There's a high voltage current running underneath the tower. Don't wander near it, it's dangerous!
But... you might be able to if Mr. Dolphin helps you. Follow me!

She runs for the water, but the others hang back.

High voltage tower......
I guess this means Cloud'll be all right.

Yeah, better leave it to Cloud!

We're counting on you, Cloud

Wait a second!

The others disperse, ignoring him. Barret stands near the fisherman, Tifa and Aeris stand talking to each other, and Red XIII and Yuffie stand together.

Yeah, I'd like to take a good look at the new President of Shinra, Inc.!

Don't you just hate this?

You're probably right.

That looks like a Shinra soldier.

Aren't you going to follow her?

Cloud goes down to the beach where Priscilla is waiting.

Wait a minute.

She blows a whistle and the dolphin jumps. Barret comes down to join them.

Now ain't that something! I ain't never seen no Dolphin jump like that!

Pretty cool, huh? When I blow this whistle, Mr. Dolphin jumps for me.
Here!! This is for you, Cloud!

A gift? What am I supposed to do with it!?

Just go into the water, blow this whistle, and Mr. Dolphin'll jump you to the top of the pole!

Jump to the top of the pole?

See that rod sticking out at the top? If you jump just right, you can climb to the top of the town.

Good luck Cloud! If you make it, we'll follow you!
Whoa, I'll hold the PHS for you. It'll break if it gets wet.

You wanna jump with Mr. Dolphin?

- Explain it to me again
- Sure
- I'll pass

Explain it to me again

Priscilla repeats her explanation.


Cloud goes into the water to begin the jumping-to-the-top-of-the-pole ordeal.

I'll pass

Come back whenever you want to see Mr. Dolphin!

Eventually the dolphin jumps Cloud to the top of the pole, and he climbs up to the Shinra airfield, where the Highwind is. He enters the base to find a group of soldiers running out to the street.

Eh! Ho!
Hurry! Hurry!!
The new President!! He's here, he's here!!

Hey! You still dressed like that!? Come 'ere!

If Cloud tries to run out...

Hey! Rookie!! Can't you hear me!! Come over here!

Here!! Get in the room!

Cloud enters the locker room.

Today's the big day when we welcome President Rufus! Hurry up and change!
There's a uniform in the locker. Hurry and change!

It's the Shinra uniform.
- Don't change
- Change

Don't change

There's Shinra soldiers all around. Better not try anything dumb...


Brings back memories...

Quit yappin'! Hurry up!

Cloud changes into the Shinra uniform.

A Shinra uniform...
I was so proud when I first put it on.
I wonder when it was...
...I couldn't stand wearing this thing anymore.

Wow! You look good in it!
You remember the Greeting procedure, right!?

Cloud shrugs.

...the look on your face says you forgot. All right, I'll show you again!
Do just like we do.

Two soldiers run in.

Commander!! We'll help too!
This is how to do it!
We'll sing too!

All right! Show 'em!!
Now, march!! This's the Welcoming March!

Then! I'll sing along with you!
Hey, come on now.

And... march--!!
One, two...! Three, four!
Keep in step with the soldier next to you and march smoothly!

Rufus--- Rufus Shinra----
We---are---Shinra Company---- The new-----President------
Oh----- Oh----- Shinra---------
Oh----- Oh oh---- Shinra, Inc.---
Realization----of the new era--- New---President----Ru--fus---
Oh----- Oh----- Shinra---------
Oh----- Oh oh---- Shinra, Inc.---
Building------the new era----- Shinra-----forev---er-------

Once you're all in step, shoulder your gun!
To shoulder your gun, press the O button!
Got it!?

- Not yet
- All clear!

Not yet

All right! Once more!
We'll practice some more!
Remember to march smoothly!

All clear!

Good! Make sure you do well at the real parade!

Another soldier runs in.

Rufus has arrived! Preparation completed!

All right, show time! Don't disgrace yourselves!

Elsewhere, in the streets...

Begin the Welcome Parade!

The parade begins. Back to Cloud: The commander, the two soldiers, and Cloud walk out onto an empty street.

Oh... no...!! No one's here!
Hey Rookie!! It's because you're running around like that!!

Captain!! We'll take a short cut!

Good idea.
Get over here!!
All right! You first!

If Cloud tries to run away...

Hey!! Don't get me any madder than I already am!

They go through an alley connecting to the street on which the parade is going by.

I'll go first! Now you watch close and do as I do, rookie!
Just sneak into the back of the line when you see an opening.

Now listen up! This parade's gonna be broadcast live on Shinra TV, around the world!
If you look bad, the whole Junon army will look bad. Remember that and don't screw up!
OK! Jump in when I give you the sign!
Just sneak in from the back! Don't mess up the row!
And no matter what you do don't try to go in from the front!
All right!! Start marching!!

If Cloud turns around to talk to him instead...

Just GO! Then you just nonchalantly sneak in from the back! Make sure no one sees you!

If Cloud stands there unmoving...

No, what're you doing!?

If Cloud attempts to run off-screen...

Hey!! Don't run away from me!

If Cloud runs into the parade in the wrong way...

Hey!! Don't play around!

Cloud manages to sneak into the parade as instructed.

TV Producer
What the hell was that soldier doing?

I don't know.

TV Producer
Are the points up?

If the ratings are below 30%...

This's terrible! Am... am I fired?

TV Producer
What!? You're FIRED!!
Send that soldier a bomb or something!

Received "Grenade"!

If the ratings are between 31-40%...

Well, it's so-so.

TV Producer
Better send that soldier something.

Received 6 "Potion"!

If the ratings are between 41-50%...


TV Producer
I want somebody to send that soldier an expensive gift.

Received 6 "Ether"!

If the ratings are over 50%...

They just shot up!!

TV Producer
We did it!
Send that soldier something special.

Received 5000 gil!

Cloud and the others join a group of soldiers drilling in front of Rufus and Heidegger.

Good! We made it.
Oh! President Rufus!
Hey! Line up and shut up!
Don't make a move!

The soldiers finish their show. Heidegger turns to Rufus.

How's the job?
What happened to the Airship?

The long range airship is still being prepared.
It should be ready in about three more days. Gya haa haa!

Even the Air Force's Gelnika?

......Gya haa haa!

Stop that stupid horse laugh.
Things are different than when father was in charge.


Is the ship ready?

Yes Sir, we'll get it ready quickly.

Rufus turns and climbs up into the lift into the base. Heidegger turns to his group and charges. Everyone but Cloud flees. Heidegger punches Cloud and then runs after Rufus. The soldiers gather around Cloud.

What a disaster.
Heidegger was really irritated...
The man in the Black Cape's been roaming the city, but we can't find him.

Man in a Black Cape?

He showed up two or three days ago, and killed a few of our soldiers.
He disappeared right after that. There's a rumor going around that it was Sephiroth.

Attention! Dismissed!

The soldiers leave, and the commander walks up to Cloud.

Hey! Hey you! You messing with the army?

- Who cares?
- What if I am?

Commander (he says the same thing regardless)
You're too lazy!! No break for you!!
Get over here!

The commander takes Cloud back to the locker room.

This is the military, soldier!! Your orders for today are to send off President Rufus at the dock!
I'll keep drilling you until it's time!

The two soldiers come back in.

I'll help, sir!
Me too, sir!

All right!! Line up in order and show me your final pose!
Today's command is Formation!
Remember it!
Junon Military Send Off, BEGIN!!

The soldiers practice the send off.

All right! Now you try it!

Cloud practices with them.

So, you got it?

- Not yet!
- I've got it!

All right! Don't mess up during the real thing!

Commander!! What's today's special pose?

Huh? ...I haven't decided yet.
All right, rookie!! I'll let you decide!
Show me your best move!

Let's see... My best move is...

He twirls his gun over his head the same way he twirls his sword after a battle.

That's awesome!

All right!! We'll go with that as today's special!!
Practice it!

Yes sir!!

Well then! Meet at the dock!! Don't be late!!
Attention! Dismissed!!

If Cloud goes back down the elevator...

Elevator Guard
What? It's not time for our shift, yet. Just relax.

Uh... yea......

He gets back on the elevator to the upper city.

Materia Shopkeeper
Come on, forget about your job! Step right up!!

Cloud enters the shop.

Materia Shopkeeper
I was just starting to get worried... You see our sales were pretty bad today.

Next door...

Weapons Shopkeeper
I've got nothing to sell to you! Come back later!

In the bar below, Rude is smoking at a table with a group of bald men.

I'm sorry! It's all rented out today!

Mm...? You too?
Then, take your mask off and come here. That's our rule.

Man with Head on Table
Looks like something's going on outside, but we're too smashed to do anything...
Ooh, oohh... Oh man, my head's burning up...

Bald Man in Suspenders
Seems like you're all a little too young to be in here.

Big Bald Man
Seaweed... Seaweed...

In the item shop...

Item Shopkeeper
Oh, a Soldier! Welcome!

Inside the barracks...

Man in Plainclothes
Hey, how could you do that!? Nobody woke me up!
And I can't find the uniform I left in my locker, either. I wonder if I left it somewhere...
Geez! Do you think this could be... what they call 'bullying?'
Oh man, My future in the military, is pretty bleak.

Hmm? A know-it-all, huh?
All right!! Come in!!

Cloud goes downstairs to the Respectable Inn.

This is a Respectable Inn... guests only!
You should absorb all the wisdom until it is a part of you.

Soldier 2
Ok wise-guy, I'll ask about Materia just so you can let off some stress.

You're right...
- Growth Materia
- Kinds of Materia
- Combinations of Materia
- Divisions of Materia
- Numbers of Materia that you may carry
- The rest is a secret

Growth Materia

First off, the main points.
Some types of Materia, like Magic, grow as you use them.
Some, like Summon Magic, grow from being used once a battle, to several times per battle.
Their effectiveness changes too. ...There are all different kinds.
Some types don't change, but they must grow in order to be divided.
...And that's it. Maybe that sounded too official.

Kinds of Materia

Types of Materia... Here goes...!
[Independent Materia] enables Abilities. No linking required.
[Support Materia] is used with Command, Magic, and Summon Materia.
You must equip them in linked slots or they won't be any good.
[Command Materia] lets you use new commands.
There are lots of different kinds of Materia, so you'll never get bored. One called [Attack] changes itself.
[Magic Materia] is easy. You can use Magic, and as your Level increases, you'll learn new Magic.
[Summon Materia] let's you use Summon Magic. As your Level increases, the number of times you can use it in a single battle increases.
This's one of my favorites.
And there you have it, the five types of Materia.

Combinations of Materia

There's no single way to combine Materia. So here goes the basics.
Support Materia... The basic combination is Magic + All.
The variety of magic you can cast will increase as your Magic Level increases.
When your All level increases, so does the number of times you can use it in a battle. That about covers it.
Huh? Wait a sec...
You can change between Magic-All and Magic with the L1/R1 buttons. I'll bet you've probably already done this.
One effective combination is Elemental + Summon Materia.
If you equip this combination to your weapon, you can put Magic and Summon Elementals on your weapon.
For example, if you equip Fire + Elemental to your sword, you will end up with Fire Elemental Sword.
I'm getting off the subject,... If you equip Fire + Elemental to your armor, it will have twice the resistance to fire damage.
Now this is important. When the Elemental levels in your armor increase, so will their effectiveness. From half damage - no damage - absorb.
If you combined Elemental and Fire you could develop Fire absorbing armor.
Wait, there's more. Next is the Added Effect for Support Materia.
The Added Effect Materia grafts the effects of Compound Status Materia into your weapons and armor.
For example, equip Added Effect + Poison to your weapon and select [Attack].
Sometimes you'll give a Poison status. Of course, it doesn't always work.
If you don't combine the Added Effect Materia with Status Change Materia, like Confusion or Time, you won't get any effect.
To learn more about Added Effect, access the menu and check the Status.
It's a little hard to get, but if you take your time, you'll be all right.

Divisions of Materia

Division... I'm pretty good at this.
People tell me that my personality is divided. But I don't think so, but maybe it is...
Once your Materia reaches the maximum Level, it will divide.
The original Materia will no longer grow. Once that happens, all you can do is use it as it is.
New Materia always starts out with zero AP, so you need to raise its levels!
Of course, once the new Materia reaches its max, it'll divide. That's how you increase your Materia collection.
Ha, ha...... Right now I feel like I'm dividing myself.

Numbers of Materia that you may carry

Once Materia starts dividing, you must be careful.
There's a limit to how much Materia you can have.
Since we're fighting for the life of the Planet, it goes against my beliefs carrying too much Materia.
Either way, I don't really care, but... I'll leave it up to you.
That's why, the amount of Materia that we can have is limited to 200... only what we can equip.
When you have too much Materia, you need to dispose of some. If you don't, you can't take on any more.
So, ditch some Materia before that happens... Ahem... I mean, give them back to the Planet.

Soldier 3
Ok. Expert! Enlighten us on Limit Techniques, why doncha?

I don't have too much to say about that...
- Developing Limits
- Extreme Limits
- That's it

Developing Limits

There are 2 basic ways of building up your Limit techniques. First, just use them!
And second is to finish off as many enemies as possible! It sounds easier than it is.
Everyone knows that when you gain a new Limit technique, you need to select it in the menu.
And you knew that you won't be able to use advanced techniques on each level if you haven't used the basic ones.
Since the type and growth for each limit techniques is different, that's about all I will say.

Extreme Limits

A long time ago I heard extreme techniques exist within the Limit techniques.
But, if that's true you wouldn't be able to get it in any normal way. That's about all I know about it.

This is the Beginner's Hall (Intermediate)!
Your explanations were so complicated I couldn't return to the Planet.
So, I have a right to ask you again.

What do you want to know?
- How to save?
- How do I cure party members?
- Curative Magic
- Weapons and armor
- How to apply Materia
- Effective ways to use Materia
- Battle formation
- Checking status
- Limit Techniques
- Other
- You got nothing to teach me!

How do I cure party members?

If Cloud doesn't have any potions in his inventory...

For my explanation, I'll need a Potion.

Man, ex-SOLDIER's sure are cheap. OK, I'll GIVE you a Potion...

Cloud will then proceed with his explanation.

If Cloud has already gotten a free potion from the ghost...

For my explanation, I'll need a Potion.

I don't seem to have any on me. Why don't you go buy one?


I think you know the basics, but just in case...
Do not open the PlayStation or change discs until instructed.
If you open the Disc Cover, I can't guarantee anything. That is all.

Cloud's tutorials are otherwise identical to those he gives in Sector 7's Beginner's Hall.

Ghosts 2 & 3
Ok, Mr. Know-it-all, ex-SOLDIER! Let me revenge... I mean, review!

What do you want to review?
- Onscreen numbers
- Change and Defend
- Escape
- Gauges
- Status
- Elementals
- Help
- That's all


ATB means Active Time Battle. It's a system in which time continuously runs during battle.
If the ATB is changed to [WAIT] in the Config Menu... Time stops during battle while you select magic or an item.
That lets you select your commands carefully. It's geared especially for beginners like you.
In config, if you change from ATB to [Recommended]... Time will stop while magic or item effects are displayed.
This lets you watch the effects carefully. Letting you fight at your own pace... this is the way to go.
I always use ACTIVE mode, but choose what you want. That's all.

Onscreen numbers

During a battle, white numbers that appear on the screen indicate damage, and green numbers indicate recovery points.
Remember that, if you don't want to be wiped out.

Change and Defend

Change will change your fighting position to either the front or back row.
If you select the back row, the amount of damage you receive is reduced, but so is your attacking power.
[Change] can be selected from the battle menu by pushing the [left Directional button].
You can also select [Defend] from battle menu by pushing the Directional button to the right.
Defend will reduce your damage by half until your next turn.
It's better to use Defend for strong enemies. Of course, I don't need anything like that.


I don't know too much about Escape during battles since I never do it, but... someone like you might need it.
You can escape by holding down the L1 and R1 buttons during battle.


It might be hard to understand this next one since you can't check it right now, but just listen.
I'm talking about the Gauges displayed during battle.
Time Gauge shows the time remaining until your next turn during battle.
You can enter a command once the Gauge is full, but if you don't want to enter a command, press the △ button to skip to the next person.
This is good when you want to make Barret work.
The Limit Gauge increases as you receive damage. When this is full, you are able to use a Limit Technique.
The Limit Gauge doesn't reset after each battle, so it will build up the more damage you get in battle.
The trick is knowing when to use it instead of using it as soon as it becomes available.
You may already know this, but I'll tell you anyways. Status has two conditions: Fury and Sadness.
Fury speeds up your Limit Gauge, but decreases your concentration.
Sadness slows down your Limit Gauge, but also decreases the damage you receive. Keep this in mind.
Barrier Gauge shows the time available for special magic effects.
The top gauge Barrier, defends against attacks. And the bottom gauge Magic Barrier, defends against magic spells.
Both reduce the amount of damage by half, but disappear after several uses.
Always keep an eye on the Barrier Gauge, when using Barrier and Magic Barrier spells.
That's all. Check them out next time you're in a battle.


Status simply means the status of the characters.
I don't want to repeat myself too much, so I'll mention the main points.
Cannot enter command until awakened.
Rapidly decreases HP during battle.
Doubles damage, reduces concentration. Tranquilizer cures it.
Damage reduced. Hyper cures it.
Turns you into stone. If entire party is petrified, You'll get Wiped Out.
You cannot distinguish between enemy and ally.
You cannot cast any Magic.
Time Gauge stops, you cannot enter commands.
Reduces attack concentration.
Turns you into a frog. I hate this.
Phew...I'm tired.
Changed Status can be changed with magic and items, so always double check it when you buy things.


Elementals are special Elementals that come with magic and weapons.
You have to use this to your advantage in battle.
Only once you start thinking in terms of Elementals can you truly be called an intermediate player.
Here are some examples. Remember, they're just examples. You don't have to memorize them.
Fire effect. Works best on animals and water monsters.
Ice effect. Works best on fire monsters and things that hate the cold.
Lightning effect. Works best on mechanical things.
Attacks using the earth's power. Doesn't work on flying enemies.
Poisons enemies. Doesn't work on any poison based enemies.
Gravity based attack. These hurt if they hit.
Calls on the earth's water. Works well on fire monsters.
Calls up the winds. Works well on flying enemies.
Calls up the Planet's power. Works well on dark monsters.
Using opposite Elementals often is effective in battle.
Using the same Elementals usually increases Defense.
But, the reverse is also true. Watch out for it.
To find out what Elementals an enemy has, you need Sense Materia. Once you get it, try it out.


If you don't understand what I just told you, I guess you just have a limited capacity for information.
But, relax. Push the [SELECT] Button during battle.
A Help Message should explain the different commands to you.
It'll tell you things like the monsters' names, even I look at it, sometimes... So don't be ashamed to use it.

On up to the third floor...

Soldier Studying
Mmm? I'm not going to the parade.
The road to becoming SOLDIER First Class is very difficult.
Don't mind me.
As a man with promise and future, I don't have any time to fool around like the rest of you.

Cloud goes on towards the port...

Soldier Guarding Upper Junon Lift
President Rufus is being sent off at the port.

Sailor Outside Underwater Reactor
What is it? The elevator's out of order right now due to an inspection.
You know, right under us, is a Submarine Dock and the Underwater Mako Reactor.
Mako energy puts a lot of wear and tear on the machinery.
A lot of problems can pop up. So it's necessary for close inspections and maintenance.

Soldier Guarding Lower Junon Lift
Oh! How's it going!? If you're looking for Junon dock, it's over there!
This lift goes to the Shinra section...
Ever since that Black-caped murderer... But we can't use it because we're all on red alert.

Inside Shinra's member bar...

Hey soldier-boy, aren't you still on duty?

Stay outta this.

The President's safety is secure because we're here.

The minute you think the job's boring, you guys start messing around.

Inside Junon Inn...

Are you sure it's all right?
Nap while on duty?
- 30 gil
- Forget it

30 gil

Enjoy your stay.

Cloud rests.

Good morning! You still seem a little sleepy.
Looking forward to seeing you again.

Forget it

Come again.

On the second floor...

Please! Come in...

Cloud enters the Materia Shop.


I won't charge you for a smile...

Black-haired girl
Buy a lot, cutie!

Please go to the counter.

Materia Shopkeeper
There's lots of stores in Junon.
If we don't do this... we can't compete.
But, what bothers me is that the girls make more than me.

Cloud leaves the shop.

Thank you very much!

On the third floor...

Accessory Shopkeeper
I used to be in SOLDIER... Once I left, I opened up this shop...
But to tell you the truth, I'd rather be at the shop downstairs.

Inside another barracks...

Hey! Aren't you still on duty!?
Look, I'm in no position to talk, but...
Don't become a delinquent worker like me.

On the second floor...

Shinra Manager
It's so shameful!
...and they told me that I would be staying at five star hotels on these trips...
How can you guys sleep in a place like this?

Inside the Weapons Shop...

Weapons Shopkeeper
Oh! Welcome!
We don't have anything special now. I kind of messed up the last time I ordered but feel free to look around!

Cloud finally goes to the dock and lines up with the other soldiers. Red XIII is watching from just inside the ship's cargo hold.

All right, it's time!
Ten... HUT!

President Rufus... has now arrived!

A door opens and Rufus and Heidegger emerge.

This is it!! Junon Military Reception--!
Do it right---, Do it with enthusiasm...! Ready...!

Cloud and the soldiers perform the send-off exercises they practiced earlier.

All right! Now finish strong!!

If they did well...

Well done.
Keep up the good work for Shinra, Inc.

Gya haa ha...!! Here's a special bonus for you!!
A token of the President's kindness! Don't forget it!

Received "Force Stealer"!

If they did okay...

Very entertaining. Keep up the good work.

Gya haa ha...!! Here's a special bonus for you!!
A token of the President's kindness! Don't forget it!

Received "HP Plus" Materia!

If they did poorly...

Looks like you need more practice.
With things looking like this, you better be ready for pay cuts...

Gya haa ha...!! Here's a special bonus for you!!
A token of the President's kindness! Don't forget it!

Received "Silver Glasses"!

Once the word gets out that Sephiroth's here, Cloud and his friends will show up, too.

We'll crush them as soon as we find them!

We can't have them get in our way.

Leave it up to me, sir! Gya haa ha!

I thought I told you to stop that stupid laugh...

He turns and gets on the ship.


He charges for the soldiers, but a whistle sounds and he turns to run on the ship.

All right! Dismissed!

That was close.
Heidegger's been really edgy lately.
Because Hojo disappeared, leaving a letter of resignation.
Heidegger's been forced to take care of that investigation, too.

Hey--! I thought you were dismissed!

Three of the soldiers leave, but one runs onto the ship.

We got some cleaning up to do! Hurry up!

Inside the cargo hold, Red XIII is just visible.

Hey, hurry. You're the last one.

How did you get here?

A dolphin gave me a ride.
Priscilla remembered the dolphin after you climbed the pole. But, you mustn't be mad at her.

Instead of following the others away from the dock, Cloud, too, sneaks onto the ship.

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