Sector 7 - Seventh Heaven

Arrival in Sector 7

Exploring the Sector

Tifa's 7th Heaven

Walking the Sector Again

Back at 7th Heaven

The Promise

The Next Day

Beginner's Hall

Johnny's Departure

Boarding the Train

The train pulls into the Sector 7 station, and its passengers get off.

Yo!! Get over here, all'ya!!

If Cloud tries to run off...

Yo, Cloud! You lissen up!

The others group around Barret by the steps down from the platform.

This mission was a success. But don't get lazy now.
The hard part's still to come! Don't y'all be scared of that explosion!
Cause the next one's gonna be bigger than that!
Meet back at the hideout!! Move out!

Barret runs off, and Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie follow him.

Station Man
When you've been a train man as long as I have, you see a lot of people and a lot of lives.
People meeting, parting, joy, sadness... After a while, it doesn't even get to you anymore.
I wonder how long it's been... There's an invisible rail between me and the passengers.
I could never live their lives. I'm just a train man plain and simple. It's easier that way.
That's not to say that the crossing gate of my heart doesn't hurt now and again.
Back during the war, I remember there was a lot of painful scenes then.
But, that's a story for another day...
First train leaves Midgar at 05:04am.

A red-haired couple are standing by the street lamp.

I'm not letting you go tonight.


Isn't there somewhere we could go to be alone?

There's only the train graveyard around here. And they say there's ghosts around too!



Cloud leaves the train station and walks through the sector.

Man by Fence
Hey now!! Oops!!
What on earth are you doing? Just butt out......geez!
Huh? You came to see it, too?
There was a bombing on top. If this pillar should come down, everyone in the slums is dust...
Well, there's no point in worryin' about that.
Hey!! Look! It's huge, ain't it?

Cloud looks up at the support pillar with him.

Man by Fence
Hey... This is a strange and wonderful place.
This is my place, but you can come here when you want. Bye, bro!

He runs off.

Yo, Cloud! Over here, now!

Of course, you can ignore him if you want. Some distance from the fence are two soldiers guarding an exit.

Soldier 1
What the hell do you want? You know who I am?
You can't pass. I got the miserable job of keepin' scum like you from trying to sneak in here.

Soldier 2
W, wow! You're great!!

Soldier 1
Damn right!! Don't waste time talkin's, what I always say!

Soldier 2
But, uh, I......
Ah... eh... uhm............ Excuse me. You cannot pass without the proper clearance.
Did I do good this time?

Soldier 1
You gotta be tougher!

Soldier 2
But, uh, I......

As Cloud approaches 7th Heaven, Barret and the others charge into the bar. Gunfire is heard, and a number of customers run out. Tifa comes out after them and bows apologetically. All the AVALANCHE members go inside but Barret, who waits impatiently by the entrance.

Heh heh...
You wanna meet your little baby?

- Little baby?
- Out of my way!

Little baby?

Hey! Don' act like you don't know what I mean!
I'm tellin' you...

Out of my way

Heh! Jes calm down.
Can't have people suspectin' us.

Did you hear?

- Don't care
- No, what?

Don't care

Oh, well excuse ME!

No, what?

There's a news update. They say that there was a terrorist explosion up above, and that this time it was a Mako Reactor!!
You know what this means?

- Don't care
- No, what?

Don't care

Oh, well excuse ME!

No, what?

Ya see, I keep on top of these things, an' if ya ask me......
If you knock out Midgar's power, then all of its computers and signals are going to be knocked out too.
Financially there must've been about a billion gil worth of damage.
An' that ain't all!! A lotta innocent people got killed too!
If the explosion had been in the middle of the night, that woulda been one thing. At least the people coulda gone in their sleep.
This Mako explosion has really sent Midgar into a fit.

Explosions! Explosions! Oh Man! AVALANCHE is so cool!

Johnny's Cousin
Oh Jesus!! What the hell's wrong tonight!!
I thought that long blackout was strange.
They say a Mako Reactor was destroyed above.
I was jes sittin' here drinkin', watchin' the news by myself.
'n' all of a sudden I get kicked outta the &*%$ store. What's up with that!?
I wasn't even done with my drink. I didn't even pay my bill...

Woo...... ah geez, I'm blitzed. I jes love them homemade cocktails. But they sure do creep up on ya.

A sign to the far left
Don't be taken in by the Shinra.
Mako energy will not last forever.
Mako is the life of the Planet and that life is finite.
The end is coming.
Saviors of the Planet: AVALANCHE

What crappy handwriting. And look at all this graffiti!

Item Shopkeeper (from inside)
We're closed today. Come back tomorrow.

The Weapons Shop is open, however.

Black-haired Man
Hey!! What the, YOU?
Anyone talking to me must be a novice.

- Yep, that's me
- I used to be with SOLDIER, the name's Cloud

Yep, that's me

So what. Everyone's a beginner sometime.

Black-haired Man
Don't act so big, amateur. Seein' as how I'm such a warm hearted guy, I'll show ya the ropes.
You come back here tomorrow. I got some things I gots ta do.

I used to be with SOLDIER, the name's Cloud

The name's Cloud. Used to be with SOLDIER, I got no business with you.

Black-haired Man
Hmmph!! Well, I never heard of ya!

Upstairs, the storage area (Beginner's Hall) is closed off.

Big Man
Unn......!! Who the hell are you!? No unauthorized access.
Since today's special, I'm gonna let you in on a juicy bit of news. But you gotta keep it to yourself.
Do you know what's been going on......?

- What, that again?
- ............

What, that again?

Big Man
I guess you must be sick of hearing it... But it's been so long since there was any real news here.
You're worried where it's all heading, right?


Big Man
Everything's in a buzz 'bout that terrorist group AVALANCHE blowin' up the Sector 1 Mako Reactor.
On the surface they say they're an anti-Shinra group, but in reality...
They say they're just out to kill as many people as they can.
Gyaaaa, Haaa haaa!!
That's a good one, ain't it!? While they're bustin' things up on top, the only ones makin' out good are us weapon stores!
Now, if we can just get rid of this back stock, we'll be doin' ok.

Man in Hat
You know what I do? I'll bet you don't.
You come here tomorrow and I'll tell you.
Ahh, there just ain't no good jobs here in the slums.
I wanna go to the upper world.

Cloud returns to 7th Heaven, where Barret is waiting.

Ok! Go on ahead.
You! Cloud!! Get off your slow-movin' ass!!

Cloud enters 7th Heaven, and Marlene hops up excitedly.


Cloud starts, and when Marlene sees it's him, she runs and hides in the corner. Tifa comes out from behind the bar and hurries over to her.

Marlene! Aren't you going to say anything to Cloud?

She walks over to Cloud with Marlene hiding behind her.

Welcome home, Cloud. Looks like everything went well.
Did you fight with Barret?

- Yeah
- Not this time


I should have known.
He's always pushing people around, and you've always been in fights ever since you were little.
I was worried.

Not this time

Hmm. You've grown up.
When you were little you used to get into fights at the drop of a hat.

If you bought a flower...

Flowers? How nice...
You almost never see them here in the slums.
A flower for me? Oh Cloud, you shouldn't have...

No big.
- Give it to Tifa
- Give it to Marlene

Give it to Tifa

Thank you, Cloud. It smells wonderful.
Maybe I should fill the store with flowers.

Give it to Marlene

Nothing happens until Barret comes in.

If you didn't buy a flower...

I'm so glad everyone's safe.

Sorry, Cloud. Marlene seems a little shy.


Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie are sitting around a table relaxing.

Aaah!! Nothin' like that first drink after a job.
Why don't you have one too?

- No
- Yeah, why not?


What!? You tellin' me you're too good to drink with me?
Don't act big-headed jus' because you were in SOLDIER!

Yeah, why not?

Oh!! That's more like it!!
Even if you were with SOLDIER, you're still a rookie here. So you'd better listen to whatever I tell ya!

Oh...... Don't tell Barret what I just said.

Oh, Cloud!
Tifa really knows how to cook. Mmm, mmm......
Anyway, let me tell you somethin'

- About what?
- I'm not interested in your stories

About what?

Tifa always lets me taste her cooking.
And look at me now, I'm rolly-polly.
Don't know whether I should be happy or sad. But it's the good food and drinks that make this shop famous.

I'm not interested in your stories

Cloud...... ......forget it.

Careless...... You're getting all excited.
Wonder what for......?

Cloud starts for the door, but has to jump out of the way as Barret comes thundering in.

Papa, welcome home!

He lifts her up onto his shoulder.

If you gave the flower to Marlene...

Huh? Where'd you get that flower?

Cloud gave it to me.

Did you thank him?

Thank you, Cloud.
We'll take care of you.

You all right, Barret?

Get in here, fools!! We're startin' the meetin'!!

Barret heads down to the basement using the pinball machine elevator, and the others follow. Cloud can wander the Sector a little more before joining them.

Back at the train station, the couple is still there.

Hey, come over here.

But people will...

Who cares?

But... There's a weirdo over there.


He turns to Cloud.

Say, you're pretty gutsy.
Why don't you go snoop somewhere else, Romeo?

Closer to 7th Heaven...

Did you hear?

- 'Bout what?
- Don't care

'Bout what?

About that little girl named Tifa and that bar called '7th Heaven'.
I'm not only informed, I'm kinda nosey too. Anyhow, I got the scoop.
You wanna hear?

- You bet!
- Don't care

You bet!

That Barret and three of his henchmen are like this sometimes.
Suddenly, they threw out a customer and start talking trash to him. It's strange, if you ask me. And that place always smells like gun powder.
It's dangerous, I tell you. They must be doing terrible things in there.

Don't care

Oh really? Well, aren't you a cool one!

Don't care

Oh really? Well, aren't you a cool one!

Johnny's Cousin
There's a TV in there, but my cheap aunt won't let me in the house. Look for yourself.

Johnny's Mom (from inside her house)
I'm not opening up. Go away!!

Hey!! Open up! C'mon baby!!
It's me! Johnny! Mom!!

Johnny's Cousin
Now that you mention it, there used to be an outside TV monitor here in the slums.
But that Barret, busted it up.
Shot it up with that weird machine gun hand of his. Blam, blam, blam.
I think it was when President Shinra was on.
He was on again this morning, too, you know.
Tifa better watch out for her TV.

All's quiet!! Shh, I'm spying now!
OH!! There's something!! DANGER!! ALERT!!

Back in 7th Heaven, Tifa's still behind the bar, though the place is empty. If Cloud approaches...

Sit down.

Cloud sits.

How about...
...something to drink?

- I don't feel like it
- Give me something hard

I don't feel like it

I can make a drink just as good as anyone else.
Everyone says, my drinks taste the best!

Give me something hard

Just a minute. I'll make one for you.
You know, I'm relieved you made it back safely.

What's with you all of a sudden? That wasn't even a tough job.

I guess not...
You were in SOLDIER.
Make sure you get your pay from Barret.

Don't worry. Once I get that money, I'm outta here.

Cloud gets up.

Cloud. Are you feeling all right?

...yeah... Why?

No reason. You just look a little tired I guess.
You'd better go down below.

Cloud goes down to the basement. Jessie is working at her computer, while Wedge is sitting at the table in the center of the room. Barret is using a punching bag in the corner, and Biggs and Marlene are nearby on either side of him.

You think I'm a little too uptight?

- Yeah...
- No...


The next mission will be to blow up the Sector 5 Reactor.
Cloud, you're great! Don't you ever get nervous?
Or are you like, impervious to feelings? Naw, that couldn't be it.


Well, that's ok. Don't worry about me. I don't look like it, but I'm a coward at heart.

The TV near Jessie's computer is on, showing the bombing. President Shinra is in the middle of a speech.

President Shinra the No. 1 Reactor was bombed. The terrorist group AVALANCHE has claimed responsibility for the bombing.
It is expected that AVALANCHE will continue its reign of terror.
But citizens of Midgar, there is no need to fear.
I have immediately mobilized SOLDIER to protect our citizenry against this senseless violence. Thank you and good night.

Hey, look at the news... What a blast.
Think it was all because of my bomb? But all I really did was just make it like the computer told me.
Oh no! I must've made a miscalculation somewhere.
Hey, that was my bomb's debut. Makes me kinda proud.

Yo, Cloud! There's somethin' I wanna ask ya.
Was there anyone from SOLDIER fighting us today?

None. I'm positive.

You sound pretty sure.

If there was anyone from SOLDIER you wouldn't be standing here now.

Don't you go thinkin' you so bad jes cuz you was in SOLDIER.

Barret lunges for Cloud, and Biggs tries to hold him back.


Barret throws Biggs off, slamming him against the wall, and stands there seething.

Yeah, you're strong.
Probably all them guys in SOLDIER are.
But don't forget that your skinny ass's workin' for AVALANCHE now!
Don't get no ideas 'bout hangin' on to Shinra.

Stayin' with Shinra?
You asked me a question and I answered it... that's all.
I'm going upstairs. I want to talk about my money.


Papa, you're so great!

Cloud starts to leave, but Tifa, who's come down in the midst of this, runs up to him.

Wait, Cloud!

Tifa! Let him go!
Looks like he still misses the Shinra!

Shut up!
I don't care about either Shinra or SOLDIER!
But don't get me wrong!
I don't care about AVALANCHE or the Planet for that matter!

Straighten things up with everyone for me.

Oh my. It must have been for a lot of it.
Sure! Well, what the hell? It's a verbal agreement. Now let me figure this out.
Oh stop it, Cloud! Did you hear me?

You say you don't care, but you came to talk to me.
Cloud... You just want friends.
Isn't that right?

- Blow off
- I really don't care

Blow off

Yeah, well. You look kind of lonely to me.
If you ever got anything you want to get off your chest, you can always talk to me.

I really don't care

You're terrible. Real cold blooded.

Cloud goes upstairs and starts for the door. Tifa comes after him.

Listen, Cloud. I'm asking you. Please join us.

Sorry Tifa...

The Planet is dying. Slowly but surely it's dying.
Someone has to do something.

So let Barret and his buddies do something about it.
It's got nothin' to do with me.

So! You're really leaving!?
You're just going to walk right out ignoring your childhood friend!?

- How can you say that!
- ......Sorry

Tifa (she says the same thing regardless)
......You forgot the promise, too.


So you DID forget.
Remember...... Cloud. It was seven years ago...

The scene shifts to show the well in the center of Nibelheim. The sky is bright with stars.

Look, the well.
Do you remember?

Yeah... back then.
I thought you would never come, and I was getting a little cold.

In the memory, a young Tifa comes to join a young Cloud at the well.

Sorry I'm late.
You said you wanted to talk to me about something?

Come this spring... I'm leaving this town for Midgar.

...All boys are leaving our town.

But I'm different from all of them. I'm not just going to find a job.
I want to join SOLDIER.
I'm going to be the best there is, just like Sephiroth!

Sephiroth... The Great Sephiroth.

Cloud goes around and climbs up to the top of the well. He nods.

Isn't it hard to join SOLDIER?

...I probably won't be able to come back to this town for a while.

Tifa makes a sobbing motion into her hands.


Will you be in the newspapers if you do well?

I'll try.

Hey, why don't we make a promise?
Umm, if you get really famous and I'm ever in a bind......
You come save me, all right?


Whenever I'm in trouble, my hero will come and rescue me.
I want to at least experience that once.


Come on--! Promise me----!

All right...... I promise.

A shooting star flashes across the sky.

You remember now, don't you... our promise?

I'm not a hero and I'm not famous. I can't keep...... the promise.

But you got your childhood dream, didn't you? You joined SOLDIER.
So come on! You've got to keep your promise......

Barret climbs up the elevator shaft from below.

Wait a sec big-time SOLDIER!
A promise is a promise! Here!!

Received Barret's stash, 1500 gil!

This is my pay? Don't make me laugh.

What? Then you'll...!!

You got the next mission lined up? I'll do it for 3000.


It's ok, it's ok.
psst, psst...... (We're really hurting for help, right?)

Uh...... ugh...... (That money's for Marlene's schoolin'......)

Thanks, Cloud.

Cloud and the others go to sleep for the night.

Cloud wakes alone in the basement and heads upstairs.

Good Morning! Cloud!
Did you sleep well?

- Barret's snoring kept me up......
- Next to you, who wouldn't?

Barret's snoring kept me up......

(keep it down, they'll hear you. Barret's always edgy before an operation.)

Next to you, who wouldn't?

I don't know what you mean.

I'm going this time.

Our target's the Sector 5 Reactor. Head for the station first.
I'll fill you in on the train.
Yo! Cloud!
Before the next mission, I got somethin' I wanna ask you!
I, uh,...... I don't really know how to use Materia!
I'll give you that Materia you found. Just teach me how to use it!

- Ok, I'll explain it
- You wouldn't understand

Ok, I'll explain it

A tutorial begins.

Sure, I'll explain how Materia works.
First, access the menu.
You know the basic functions.
The triangle button brings up the menu.
Directional buttons move the cursor,
like this.
Select each menu by using the OK button.
If you want to leave the menu,
just push the CANCEL button.
See? Let's go ahead.
Now you're in this menu.
Select [Materia] sub menu.
Select who you want to use it.
Now look at my weapon here.
Each weapon and armor has slots in it.
Choose which slot you want to put Materia in.
Now select the Materia you want to use.
This is curative Materia.
If you want to know what its effect is,
line the cursor up with [Check],
and push the OK button.
It's just like selecting battle commands.
Just line the cursor up to [Magic],
you can see that the available magic has increased.
Now you can use new magic [Cure].
And that's all there is to equipping Materia.
See? It wasn't that tough!
When you want to remove any Materia,
it's as easy as pointing to the materia slot,
and pushing the triangle button.
There's just one thing you have to be careful of.
Whenever you equip Materia,
your situation changes.
Parts of you may become stronger...
while others get weaker.
Normally, when you equip [Magic] Materia,
your magic power will get stronger.
But your physical strength weakens.
So, Materia's kind of a double-edged sword.
On the left side of the screen,
you can see the Materia's effect on you.
It's wise not to overuse Magic Materia.
But try out various things.
Push the CANCEL button to exit the sub menu.
Ok, that's about it.
I'll give you some advanced tips later.

Shi......! What's this 'It wasn't that tough!' crap!
I'm clueless......
Well, you handle the Materia then!

You wouldn't understand

So this is what makes them guys in SOLDIER so great, huh!?
Ok. I'll ask Jessie again later. But you're in charge of the Materia!

Cloud! I got a message from the Weapon Shop man upstairs.
He has something he wants to give you. Don't forget!
Marlene, you watch the store while we're gone!

All right!! Good Luck.
Take care!

Cloud and the others leave 7th Heaven together. By now the Item Shop is open.

Item Shopkeeper
Ahh... Another slow day......
If this keeps up, this store's goin' under...
Can't sell any really good medicine in a slum like this.
Oh!! Look at this! This doesn't happen everyday. You a...... customer?
Yes!! Welcome!! We sell! We buy!

Returning to the Weapons Shop...

Weapons Shopkeeper
He, HEY! Waitaminit you!!
You can't just walk outta here without buyin' somethin'...
Might be unhealthy fer ya, if ya know what I mean.

You dried up old geez. You tired?
Why don't you rest up on the third floor of my house?
There's just one condition.
You gotta give me some cash.

- 1 gil
- 10 gil
- nothin'

1 gil

Damn, man!! Just forget about it!

10 gil

Oh man, oh man......
Go ahead 'n' help yourself to the room.


Cheap %#*^...

Black-haired Man
Heh heh... He'll forget about it. OH, you!!
Get my friend on the second floor to teach ya.

On the second floor, the Beginner's Hall is open.

Big Man
This is the Beginner's Hall.
You say you're a beginner? But your eyes say you're not.

Don't mess with me. I used to be in SOLDIER. I'll tell you how much I know... an' for free too!
What do you want to know?
- How to save?
- How to heal your allies?
- Curative Magic?
- Weapons and armor?
- How to apply Materia?
- Effective ways to use Materia?
- How to form your battle party?
- How to check your status?
- About Limit status?
- Other things to watch for?
- That's all

How to save?

Now I'll tell you about saving.
You know what'll happen if you don't save?
That's right.
Everything you worked so hard to do will be lost!
You never know when there might be a power outage.
And you've got a long battle ahead of you.
It pays to save often
and take breaks when you need them.
Anyway you'll need a Memory card to save your games.
But, uh, none of the stores around here sell any.
You'll have to get some at a (real) store.
I guess you already have a Memory card.
Put the Card firmly into the slot.
Put it in either the right or left side.
Then when you're ready, access the menu.
Select [Save].
Remember you can't just save wherever you want.
You can only save at places marked [Save Point].
When you find one, a message will appear.
Whenever you reach a [Save Point],
you'll want to save your game.
Slot 1 is on the left,
slot 2 on the right. Choose either one.
Next, choose your file and save it.
Each Memory card can hold up to 15 files.
If you have files from other games on it,
there will be less room to save.
The screen only shows 3 files at a time so,
press the directional buttons to scroll down the list,
and you can see the rest.
Remember, the more files you have,
the longer it will take to load.
One last thing.
The Memory card is a delicate device.
Be careful when handling it.
Never remove it while saving or loading.
Don't get mad even if you lose.
If that happens, just chill out,
and let your head, and your console, cool down.
That's all.
Remember to save often so you don't lose your games.

How to heal your allies?

If you don't have any Potions in your inventory:

For my explanation, I'll need a Potion.

Man, ex-SOLDIER's sure are cheap. OK, I'll GIVE you a Potion...

Cloud will then begin his explanation:

You probably already know this but...
HP is your life force.
If HP is lost in battle, you're out of commission.
MP is the source of your magic power.
If your MP's lost, you'll be unable to cast spells.
So, what should we do to cure a damaged ally?
There are three ways.
First, you can rest at an inn at a nearby town.
Second, you can use items to help them recover.
Third, you can use curative magic.
I'll explain about Magic later,
but here we'll talk about items.
Select [Item] from the menu.
Potion restores HP.
If you can't find where Potion is,
access the menu and select [Arrange]
to change the order of items.
You can arrange them however you like.
Order items you'll use in the field.
Order items you'll use in battle.
Prioritize items you can throw in battle.
Order weapons and armor separately.
Order by name
Order by most items held
Order by least items held
By the way,
[Key Items]'s are just that,
items that unlock problems just like a key.
They're very important items to have.
Keep that in mind.
Ok, now select [Use],
Then select [Potion].
Select the person you want to use it on.
If they're already maxed out,
you won't be able to use it on them.
We can restore MP with [Ether].
You use this the same way you did for [Potion].
Just pick a member and use it!
The number appearing next to the item name
tells you how many are available.
Of course, the more you use, the less you'll have.
Some enemies will drop Potions or Ethers,
but you'll want to stock up whenever you're at a store.
One last thing, if someone in your party gets wiped out,
either rest at an inn or use [Phoenix Down].
That's all!

Curative Magic?

Now I'll tell you how to use curative magic.
First, access the menu and select [Magic].
Next, select who'll cast the spell.
Pick an ally equipped with [Restore] Materia.
You can select another party member
by using the L1 and R1 buttons.
The function also work in other sub menus.
Better remember that.
This is magic you can use,
monsters you can summon,
and enemy techniques you've learned.
Whenever [Magic] is selected...
the available magic appears on the screen...
So, if you wanted to use [Cure]...
you would select it from the menu...
then select who you want to use it on.
I think Potion is pretty expensive, so...
when you're near an inn and you can restore MP,
it's better to use curative magic rather than Potion.
That's all.

Weapons and armor?

Equipping weapons & armor is basic to battle.
Let me show you how it's done.
Just finding or buying new weapons or armor,
isn't enough.
You have to access the menu and select [Equip].
Then, select who you want to equip.
You can change weapons,
and accessories.
Accessories have special effects.
Just select what you want to change.
On the right side of the screen,
here's a list of what can be equipped.
You can see the item's effect here.
Change your weapon with the OK button.
Make sure it'll increase attack/defense levels.
Pay special attention to Materia slots.
The slots that are linked are effective.
Also check the growth rates of Materia.
Now when you want to remove an accessory...
press the triangle button here.
You should never remove weapons or armor.
Because you never know when you'll be attacked.
After you're finished equipping,
you should re-equip your Materia.
That's it!

How to apply Materia?

Materia can unleash hidden power in humans.
So let's see how Materia is used.
First, access the menu.
Then select [Materia].
Select who you want to use it.
Pay close attention to my weapon here.
Each weapon and armor has slots in them.
Choose which slot you want to put Materia in.
Now select the Materia you want to use.
This is curative Materia.
If you want to know what its effect is,
line the cursor up with [Check],
and push the OK button.
It's just like selecting battle commands.
Just line the cursor up to [magic],
you can see that the available magic has increased.
Now you can use new magic [Cure].
And that's all there is to equipping Materia.
See? It wasn't that tough!
When you want to remove Materia,
it's as easy as pointing to the materia slot,
and pushing the triangle button.
There's only one thing you have to watch out for.
When you equip Materia, your condition changes.
Parts of you will become stronger...
while others get weaker.
Normally, when you equip [Magic] Materia,
your magic power will get stronger.
But your physical strength weakens.
So, Materia's kind of a double-edged sword.
The left side of the screen,
shows the effect of the Materia.
Try out everything.
And that's all.
I'll tell you about some of the finer points next.

Effective ways to use Materia?

Access the menu if you find Materia.
There's a lot of different Materia around.
This is one of them. It's [All] Materia.
If you equip this alone, nothing will happen.
It's a little tricky, but I'll tell you anyway.
Now look at my weapon.
Look closely at those two slots.
They're joined together as linked slots.
You've got to remember to put it into linked slots.
Different Materia will affect each other.
But only if the slots are linked.
Just to show you,
let's put some [All] into one of the slots,
and [Lightning] in the other.
Now we can use [Bolt] on [All] the enemies.
But it's limited to once per battle.
Combine different things
and you'll come up with different results.
Combining [Restore] and [All],
will let you use [Cure] for your entire party.
There are also many useless combinations.
For example, [Restore] and [Lightning]
[Bolt] and [Cure] can be used normally, but
there won't be any compound effect.
Specialized Materia like [All] is called [Support Materia].
You can tell the difference
just by looking at the Materia's color.
This may sound weird, but
did you know Materia grows on its own?
Even if one of your allies uses it,
it will continue to grow with each battle.
As its level increases,
so will the effects of the magic you can use.
I told you [All] works once per battle.
But it can work twice or more as it grows.
When you get it to the master leve,
Materia will divide itself, looking like it's giving birth.
But that master Materia won't grow anymore.
When you can't take Materia on anymore,
you'd better sell it or dump it somewhere.
You can see the useful functions here.
You can [Arange] Materia,
[Remove all] Materia from your weapon.
You can throw Materia into the [Trash].
Oops, relax! I wasn't gonna dump it.
Let's see. This is a special menu for you.
You can exchange all Materia you have between allies,
even if they're not in your party.
Now about Materia's growth.
The growth rate depends on
what weapon or armor it's put into.
Some will double in growth, while others won't grow at all.
In most cases, the Materia's effect won't change
whether you put it into a weapon or armor.
But [Elemental] and [Added Effect]
are completely different depending on whether
they're put into weapons or armor.
You've got to think about
what weapon or armor to use, or
what Materia combinations will be the strongest.
I remember hearing once...
about extraordinary Materia somewhere in the world.
I think I've told you just about everything I can.

How to form your battle party?

I'll explain your party's order in battle.
First, access the menu and select [Order].
Next, select who you want to switch.
Now, select the position you want.
This will change their position in battle.
In this case
there isn't any advantage/disadvantage.
But when you select the same person twice,
it will place them
in either the front/back row in a battle.
When they're on the left side of the screen,
that'll be the front row...
When they're on the right,
that'll be the back row.
When you're in the front row
and you select [Attack]
you inflict major damage on your enemy.
But you will also receive greater damage.
While in the back row,
although you do less damage to the enemy,
you also receive less damage.
For magic attacks,
there's no difference in damage
between the front & back rows.
There is also no difference
when you use long range weapons.
It's better to keep weaker members...

He moves the cursor to Barret.

in the back row.
And that's it. Of course,
I'm better off in the front row!

How to check your status?

You must know your current status.
That's one of the basics of battle.
Access the menu and select [Status].
Next, select the member you want to check.
Were you surprised at the amount of information?
I'll explain the order.
these are your experience points and your level.
The more experience you get in battle,
the stronger you become.
This gauge tells you
how many points you need to get to the next level.
If you can't beat stronger enemies,
raise your level by fighting weaker ones.
You'll improve your physical and magical skills.
Next is HP and MP.
HP is your life force.
When it reaches zero, you won't be able to fight.
MP is the source of your magic power.
Every time you cast magic, you use MP.
and when you run out of MP,
you won't be able to cast spells.
This is called the Limit gauge.
It shows your anger level.
When the gauge is full, you can use a "Limit Technique".
I'll tell you about "Limit Techniques" later.
You know the battle commands
are classified roughly into two groups.
[Attack] is for regular physical attacks.
[Magic] and [Summon] cast magic attacks.
Each has attacking power, defense power,
and escape probabilities.
The value depends on your equipment,
and experience level.
The total effect is on the chart below.
These are commands you can use in battle.
And your presently equipped weapons, armor,
and accessories.
Press the OK button here one more time.
There are all types of attacks...
Some monsters are weak against fire,
others are weak against ice or lightning.
The Materia or items you have
can add these [Elemental]s to your attacks
or protect yourself from them in an enemy attack.
This chart shows your current attributes.
Press the OK button here one more time.
The chart below means [Added Effect]s.
Some enemies will use sneaky attacks on you.
These attacks change your condition,
such as...
sleep, confuse, poison, darkness, petrify,
silence, small, frog, and so on.
These conditions disappear after each battle,
except fury and sadness which will remain.
To cure these conditions quickly,
use items or magic.
There are specific medicines for each condition.
I know I'm repeating myself but,...
when you're taken out in battle,
I mean, when you're almost dead,
use [Life] magic or the item [Phoenix down].
When you change Materia or equipment
it's best to look here to check on them.
Mastering Elementals and Added Effects...
will make your battles safer.
That's all.

About Limit status?

Here are a few hints on limit techniques.
When an enemy has pushed your anger to the limits,
you can unleash unimaginable power.
You know what I mean, right?
The trick is how to use it.
Access the menu and select [Limit].
Now select a member.
Now decide what your limit will be.
Lower limits have less power,
but you can use them more often.
If you set your limit higher,
you can inflict great damage,
but you'll have to wait longer.
After using this technique for awhile,
you'll improve your technique.
Your development will change
depending on how you fight.
I can't tell you how it will change.
That's something you'll have to find out by yourself.
I've heard a rumor about secret items
that inspire ultimate techniques.
I don't know whether or not those items really exist.
That's it! Try everything out and use what's best for you!

Other things to watch for?

You probably know all this. But just in case, I'll go over it.
Until you get instructions, don't open or take discs out of the PlayStation.
After you open up the Disc Cover, I can't guarantee what'll happen. That's all.

If you talk to the dog, you enter a short controls tutorial, and then a finger appears over Cloud's head.

Huh? Finger!? What the hell?

I'm the position cursor!! Call me whenever you're walking around confused!
Push the [SELECT] button and I'll appear over your shiny little head.

Geez, you stand out even more than I do...

Am I in the way? If so, just push the [SELECT] button one more time.
I'm pretty busy myself, and can't always come when you need me. If I don't show up sometimes, don't get mad.

[Position Cursor]
Push the [SELECT] button when you're lost in the field. Usually, the [Position Cursor] will appear on the screen.
But wait!! [Red triangles] mark the exits and [Green triangles] mark ladders. These will help you safely make it through even the darkest streets or dangerous mountains!
But, there are times when it won't appear, so be careful.

Across from the man and dog, there is a materia sitting in front of a man with a hat.

Received "All" Materia!

Man in Hat
Hey!! You got one right off!
That was Materia. Next, take this [treasure chest]!

A treasure chest falls from the ceiling. Cloud opens it.

Received "Ether"!

Man in Hat
Now listen, Hidden in these treasure chests, are a lot of items
There are box types and bag types, so make sure you don't overlook any.

Inside the fenced area, a boy and girl are sparring.



You've got to hang in there. You're limit gauge is just starting to build.


Ok! Now your limit gauge is full, go ahead and use it! Fight with your limit technique.

The girl starts glowing and pummels the boy, knocking him down.


Magic!! Magic!!


Calm down! When your enemy uses magic counter with [Magic Barrier] or [reflect].
[Magic Barrier] reduces the damage received from magic by half.
[reflect] bounces the attacks off you. But the number of times you can use it is limited so be careful.

The girl uses reflect and knocks down the boy.


Wow! You sure are strong! I'm going to be strong, too!

Me too!

If you want to get as strong as me you need to use Materia.
And you have to find the best combinations of them.
The type of Materia you put in your weapons and armor will determine how quickly your Materia grows.
Put Materia into the open slots in your weapons and armor. The possible combinations are limitless.
That's about all I can tell you. If you want to be like me, you have to have some natural talent.

Girl + Boy
I still don't get it!

Listen kid, don't piss me off!
That's all right. Just give it a try. Little by little, you'll get used to it.

The kids shrug and go back to their sparring match.

Three Guys Posing
Hey SOLDIER!! Tell us about battles! We'll even pay you!

I'm not hard up enough to take money from guys like you. But I'll rap with you for a while.
What do you want to know?
- About ATB
- The numbers on the screen
- About [change] and [defend]
- About [Escape]
- About the gauges
- About [status]
- About [elementals]
- About [help]
- That's all the time I have for you!

About ATB

ATB or Active Time Battle is a system that is always in operation during battle.
Select [Wait] from ATB on the Config Menu and time will stop when you select magic or items during battle.
This gives you time to pick out your commands. This is especially helpful to beginners.
Selecting [Recommended] ATB in the config menu can stop time while the effects of spells and items are taking place during battle.
This lets you take your time looking over the progression of the battle. When you don't want to rush in battle, this is for you!
Personally, I always use [Active], but you can use whichever you like.

The numbers on the screen

White numbers appearing on the screen in battle are damage points. Green numbers show restorative points.
You better watch these if you don't want to get wiped out.

About [change] and [defend]

The [change] command can move characters to and from the front and back rows.
In the back row, the damage received is less, but the attacking power is less.
You can make a [change] by pressing the Directional button in battle.
Pushing the Directional button the other direction during battle accesses [defend].
Selecting [defend] reduces the damage you receive by half until the next command.
If you're up against a strong enemy, Don't hesitate to use this one. Of course, I never need it.

About [Escape]

I don't really remember ever having to use the [escape] command... but you'll probably need it.
Push the L1 and R1 buttons at the same time, holding them down, and you can escape.

About the gauges

During battle, there are several [gauges] displayed. You can't check them now, so just remember what I tell you.
[time gauge] displays the time remaining until your next turn while in battle.
When the gauge is full, you can make your command.
If you don't want to make one, push the △ button and you can move to the next character.
It's convenient when you wanna make Barret work.
The [limit gauge] increases every time you sustain damage. When it is full, you can use the [limit technique].
The gauge is not cleared after each battle, but gradually builds up over time.
It takes a while for it to build up, so you have to think about which times are the best to use it.
You probably don't know about it, but there are conditions of [status], [fury], and [sadness].
When you have [fury], your limit gauge builds up sooner, but your attacking accuracy is lower.
Keep in mind that [sadness] makes your limit gauge build up slower, but the damage you receive is also lessened.
[barrier gauge] is for specialized magic.
The top gauge displays [barrier] or magic defense against attacks. The bottom gauge displays [magic barrier] or defenses against magic attacks.
Both will cut the damage you receive in half. However, over time they will disappear.
Whenever you use [barrier] or [magic barrier] make sure to pay attention to the [barrier gauge].
That's it. Remember that for the next battle.

About [status]

[status] means just that. The status of each character.
I'll probably wind up repeating myself, but let me go over a few basic points.
You cannot put in a command until you get up.
Steals your HP in battle.
Damage is increased, attack accuracy decreased. Tranquilizers will remedy it.
Damage is decreased. Hyper will remedy it.
Will petrify and become immobilized. Every member will be wiped out.
Will attack enemy and ally alike.
Will be unable to cast magic.
Stops time gauges, commands.
Accuracy of hitting attacks decreases.
Become a frog. I hate this one!
Hoo... I'm beat.
[status change], since this can be changed with magic and items, you should check it whenever you buy things.

About [elementals]

[elemental] is the special effect that comes with certain weapons and magic.
It's necessary to move ahead effectively. If you pay attention to the types of elementals you use you'll become intermediate in no time.
I put together this list, but remember, it's just a partial list don't take it too literally.
Fire effect. Works best on animals and water monsters.
Ice effect. Works best on fire monsters and things that hate the cold.
Lightning effect. Works best on mechanical things.
Attacks using the earth's power. Doesn't work on flying enemies.
Poisons enemies. Doesn't work on any poison based enemies.
Gravity based attack. These hurt if they hit.
Calls on the earth's water. Works well on fire monsters.
Calls up the winds. Works well on flying enemies.
Calls up the Planet's power. Works well on dark monsters.
If you use reciprocal elementals in your attacks, the effect is huge!
Also, if you use the same elemental, your defenses are raised. But, you have to be careful because the opposite is also true.
To see what elementals an enemy has, you need [Sense] Materia. If you get that Materia, you should try using it.

About [help]

Looks like you didn't get it the last time I told you. What's wrong with you? You touched in the head?
Well, don't worry. You just need to push the [SELECT] button in battle.
Do that, and the [help message] will walk you through the commands.
It also shows you the name of your enemy, so even I use it once in a while. Make good use of it.

Woman by Save Point
This is the fabled [Save Point]!!
At a [Save Point] you can use a [tent] and/or select "SAVE".
There's more, too. Look for something called secret.
Even if you are wiped out, if you save you can restart from that same point.
That way you don't have to worry when you've been wiped out.
This is jumping ahead a little but, when you leave Midgar...
Once you get the world map, you can save anywhere you like. Remember that.

An image of the save point now fills the screen.

That should be all you need to know about the Save Point.
I'll probably see you again somewhere on the road.
Take care!

A treasure chest drops down to replace the save point.

I'm a [treasure chest]!! Beginners make sure and keep an eye out for me!!

On the third floor of the Weapons Shop, there are some beds. If you haven't paid, the kid runs in after you.

This is a slum, so don't think you can stay for free.
What are you going to do?
Doesn't just seeing the bed make you sleepy?

- 10 gil
- no way

10 gil

Sweet dreams, pops.


Cloud rests.

no way

Tough guy, huh!? You'd better sleep when you can.
You'd better save when you can.
That's the trick to being tough. Remember that, old dude.

Back outside, a small crowd is gathered around Johnny. Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie, who are among them, run off as soon as Cloud nears. Johnny's mom goes back inside her house.

I'm leaving. Goin' faraway. But when I come back I'll be a better man! This is goodbye!
Hey! Childhood friend! You better take good care of Tifa!

Johnny runs off.

Johnny's Cousin
I hope he doesn't get hurt.
That worries me the most.

Yesterday, everyone in town was peeking at the two of you from outside the bar.
Tifa's childhood friend. That's a good one!

Ahh! Now I ain't got no one to pick on!

Inside Johnny's house...

Johnny's Dad
Ha! Ha!...... I wonder if my son's already left?
When it's just my wife and I here, you have no idea how lonesome it gets.
You want them to be happy and do what they want while they're young, but being a parent, you can't help but worry...
I guess I'm not cut out to be a parent yet.
By the way......
Where are you from?

- A village called Nibelheim
- Who cares?

A village called Nibelheim

Johnny's Dad
Hm...... you said Nibelheim? Wasn't it in the news a while back?
Something to do with a Reactor accident...
That was the first major Mako accident, so I remember it really being a hot topic.

Who cares?

Johnny's Dad
Ha, Ha!...... Well, there's nothin' wrong with that, I'd say.
But if you still have a family, You outta at least write them.
Even though you may turn your back on your hometown, It'll always be there for you.
Least that's how I see it.

Johnny's Dad
Well, you mind leaving the two of us alone?
I want to enjoy some quiet time together with my wife.

Johnny's Mom
He used to give us nothing but headaches when he was here, but now that he's gone... I kind of miss him.
......strange, isn't it?

Back outside...

Kid (standing by the door to 7th Heaven)
When it comes down to it... I'm gutless. I'm still just a no good kid.

Listen! If there isn't anyone to listen, what's the use of getting gossip on everyone!?
Yeah, and you Mr. I-don't-care!
I'll get a little more information that would poque even your interest. You wait and see!

Johnny's Cousin
Ah... Johnny's gone. You look a little disappointed.
I don't like to say it myself but, I'm just a lonely guy when I'm not drinking.

Further on, to where the two soldiers are stationed...

Soldier 1
HALT!! No one is allowed to pass!!

Soldier 2
You know, I got some tickets to "Loveless", do you want to go?

Soldier 1
What're you, retarded? Midgar's under martial law now!

Soldier 2
You mean, you really are concerned for me?

Soldier 1
Hell no!! But in case you forgot, we're in the middle of a slum.
They could be anywhere around, so stay on your guard.

Soldier 2
Right. You mean the AVALANCHERS?
Don't you worry. SOLDIER has been added to the police force.
Boy, it's been a while since SOLDIER's been mobilized, hasn't it?
I ever tell you that I flunked the SOLDIER entrance exam?

Soldier 1
Damn right!! blahblahblah......
Hey shut up for a minute and let me get back to work!

Soldier 2

Soldier 1
What are you more scared of... AVALANCHE or me?

Soldier 2
Oh, you, of course.

Cloud and the others continue on to the train station. The same red-haired couple is still there.

I've had it!

Me too.

You know this is the first time, we've ever agreed on something.


Well then, shall we......?


They move to embrace, but fall over from exhaustion.


huff...... wheez

Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie are by the train, and they run inside as Cloud approaches.

Station Man
Morning. Dawn comes and things never change.
You be careful not to get hurt. Come on back again, hear?
ALL ABOARD! The train is about to depart.

Cloud and the others board the train.

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