Makai Senki Disgaea: Returned

2: A Steady Plot


"Good morning. Did you sleep well?"

The following morning, Elle knocked at the guest room, and Etna poked her head out.

"Well..." Etna replied, grinning.

"Uhn......" Having risen from the bed inside, Laharl's eyes were rimmed with shadows. "Even just sleeping, I kept taking damage......"

"Are you all right, Laharl-san? Did something happen?" Elle asked in concern, having peered into the room.

"N-no, I just slept awkwardly. Don't worry about it," Laharl said, but even so he escaped from the room. There, he let out a long breath, inhaled, and muttered in a small voice, "I'm alive again......"

Unperturbed by Laharl's deep breathing, Elle addressed him as though nothing was the matter.

"If you'd like, I've prepared breakfast, so please help yourself."

"I see, thanks."

When Laharl and Etna entered the living room together, Flonne looked at the two of them in surprise. Then she raised her voice in objection to Elle who entered behind them.

"Eh......? Mom, did you put Laharl-san and Etna-san in the same room?"

"That's right."


"Was there some problem with that?"

"A problem...... Ohh..." Flonne gave a little moan and fell silent.

"Flonne-chan, what's wrong?"

"It's nothing!" Flonne replied to Etna's question in an unusually sharp voice, and turning her back she walked off into the kitchen.

"Hehe~" Etna laughed triumphantly.

"What are you so happy about?" Laharl asked.

"It's nothing~"

"What's with these two?" Observing Etna and Flonne's strange behavior, Laharl tilted his head.

From that beginning, their breakfast was full of even more incredibly dangerous things. To Laharl at least.

First, the moment he entered the living room, Telle came up to him fresh-faced and the first words out of his mouth were, "Ohh, what a morning, full of hope and brimming with light! Don't you think so, Laharl-kun?"

Barraged by words he hated, and on top of that hugged firmly and suffering warm kisses, Laharl's little remaining HP was taken away.

Far from regaining energy with the start of the meal, each jab chipped away at it.

A dish full of salad caught him off-guard thinking it had no decoration, but at the bottom was written the character for 'love' in bright red. When he tore apart the bread, there was a heart mark in the cross-section. There were neither breaks nor oversights.

I called Flonne a Love Freak, but these guys are on a different level. They're Love Warriors, Laharl felt deep down. If I don't get out of here before I collapse, I'm done for.

So thinking, Laharl hurriedly left his seat.

"Have you had enough already?" Elle asked.

"Yeah......" Laharl answered as though moaning, and then he staggered out of the house. Like that, he crossed the flower beds and headed for a meadow with no houses.

He found a large rock and sat down with a thud.

"Seriously, what are they trying to do? Do they mean to kill me?"

Thanks to the exercise, the shadows under his eyes had lessened, but his weariness seemed to have increased.

"No, that's definitely it. There's no doubt they're actually assassins, members of a rebellion."

"I'm telling you there's no way. Those guys, they just don't understand how much of a pain they are."

"That's probably right, huh. They're just a completely idiotic lot."

"That's exactly it."

"Yeah, that's right— I mean, wait a second!" Just now recognizing there was a voice behind him, Laharl turned around.

Standing there was a boy wearing a green bandana.

No, it was hard to tell because her blonde hair was short, but judging from how her chest stuck out, she was a girl. But, it wasn't enough to trigger Laharl's allergies to large breasts.

For me not to realize there was someone this close, being subjected to those love attacks must have blunted my senses, Laharl thought with a grimace.

"You're the Overlord?" the girl asked impudently. "You're smaller than I expected."

"Who the hell are you?"


He thought that he had heard that name somewhere, and he remembered. "Flonne's younger sister, that's you?"

"What, you've heard? That's right, I'm the unfortunate daughter and little sister."

"Somehow, you're different from what I pictured."

At Laharl's words, Ozonne's brow furrowed deeply. "Of course. I left because I couldn't stand being in that house."

"You're not a Love Freak, too?"

"You're joking! Just thinking that I share blood with that lot makes my hair stand on end."

"Hmm, we agree on that." Laharl smirked. "Then, why are you here?"

"I just heard that someone had come from the Netherworld, and I came to see what kind of guy it was."

"I see. You wanted to meet me. Well, what do you think of me?"

"You're a weak little kid."

"What did you say?" This time, lines of anger appeared on Laharl's forehead.

"Even though you're the King of the Netherworld, you're fussing over those guys, and now you've run out here. It's unbelievable."

"A king has responsibilities towards those below him, too. Someone who only has his own way isn't an influential king." Saying something with such composure that would have made Etna faint if she heard it, Laharl glared at Ozonne.

"You talking about the study of being a good ruler?"

"Hmph, I was a ruler from the moment I was born. There's no need for me to bother studying scholarship," Laharl answered indignantly, and he folded his arms, studying Ozonne's face.

Certainly having been told she was Flonne's sister, there were a lot of ways in which she resembled her: the shape of her face and her slightly upturned nose, and above all the color of her hair. But, the look in her eyes was different. It was close to that in Flonne's when she was angry, but it was even more intense than that.

"With how your family goes on about love and happiness, why are you against it?"

"Love, you say? What use is something that unreliable?"

"Oh? In that case, what do you believe in?"

"Money," Ozonne asserted bluntly. "Even though saving humans is supposed to be angels' principal duty, they just keep on dying, don't they? For all that, you can't feed them on love. It'd be better to give them money."

"For an angel, you're practical."

"I hate people who say things in pretense."

Looking at Ozonne, a bold smile came to Laharl's face.

"Hm. I like you." Smiling, Laharl clapped Ozonne on the back. "It's promising that there are quick-tempered guys like you in Celestia, too. It seems like I'll be able to realize my ambitions of dyeing Celestia the color of the Netherworld."

"You were thinking something like that?"

"No, I only thought of it now."

Seeing Laharl say that with complete seriousness, Ozonne burst out, "You're an interesting guy, you."

"So are you. I'll make an exception and let you call me Laharl."

"In that case, you can just call me Ozonne.1"

Smiling at each other, the two shook hands.

"It's about time I got back. It wouldn't be any fun having Etna and the others saying I ran away."

"Let them be, those guys."

"No, as the Overlord, once I accept a challenge, I can't run from it," Laharl said, and stood. "I'll be in Celestia for another few days. Let's meet again."

So saying, he returned to Flonne's house.

"Is that guy a masochist?" Ozonne tilted her head, not understanding. "Well, he's an interesting guy."

Chuckling, she folded her arms. It emphasized that she had a little bit nicer of a chest than Flonne.

Then she noticed a shadow moving at the very edge of sight, and she looked in that direction.

"Hm? A prinny, huh."

A poorly-made penguin was plodding closer to her. Just one. It was unusual for a single prinny to be outside on its own. Prinnies were creatures which worked in groups.

"Oi, you there," Ozonne called out to stop it, and the prinny walked closer. What was strange was that it had the number 9 burned into its forehead.

"What is it, dood?" For a prinny, its reply was somehow challenging.

"Are you a Netherworld prinny?"

"That's right, dood."

"Did you come with Laharl?"

"That's right, dood."

Netherworld prinnies, are they really this impudent? Ozonne thought.

Fundamentally, prinnies could not go against their masters. Because they were made to work for their atonement, they had to earn points, and if they defied their masters, it might worsen their evaluation. In Celestia, this was nearly always absolute.

"Hey, what's Laharl like in the Netherworld?" Ozonne asked unintentionally. She was a little curious, but she hadn't meant to go in that strange direction.

"What's he like? He's always the same way, dood."

"Hmm. If he's like that, I guess he has friends."

"Well, I guess there are Etna-san and Flonne-san, dood."

"Flonne is......" The look in Ozonne's eyes changed.

Seeing that, a shrewd light flashed in the prinny's eyes.

"That's right, he's especially close with Flonne-san, dood."

Although the prinny had answered with difficulty before, its attitude had changed suddenly and assertively, but Ozonne did not notice.

"Doesn't he hate love?"

"Although His Majesty says this or that, he likes love, dood. He may have been influenced by Flonne-san, dood."

"Oi, tell me more."

"All right, dood. But, what I tell you is confidential, dood."

"Yeah, I get it."

At Ozonne's reply, the prinny smirked momentarily.

However, Ozonne still did not notice, and continued to listen to what the prinny had to say.


"Did you go somewhere, Prince?" Etna asked, having come to meet Laharl at the entryway when he returned to Flonne's house.

"I just took a short walk," Laharl answered with a face that said it was nothing, but he had already taken damage. Even now, he had noticed a poster reading 'A Bright Future' hanging in the entryway.

Thinking he must not lose, he recovered himself and said, "I met Flonne's sister."

And, Flonne came running out from the kitchen.

"Ozonne!? Where was she?"

"An empty field nearby. She's an interesting one."

Without listening to the end of Laharl's remark, Flonne ran outside. But, seeing no one there she retraced her steps and asked Laharl as though it were hard to say, "Did she...... say anything?"

"Well, apparently she came to get a look at my face."


"Yeah. After all, I am the King of the Netherworld. I should have given her my autograph or something."

As he spoke, Laharl began writing in the air, wondering how best to write his signature. That not being what she had meant, Flonne pressed him.

"How did she look? Did she seem well?"

"Yeah, she was in full health. How do I put it, she was the complete opposite of you."

Her shoulders slumped and Flonne nodded. "Yes, that's right. As far back as I can remember, she always rebelled against our parents, and started fights with me for no reason. I don't have any idea what bothers her—"

"Somehow I think I get it." Etna smiled weakly at her.

"What is it?"

"It's love."


"She doesn't like love, that has to be it."


"She said that to me," Laharl said. "The world is money, she said."

"There is no way an angel would say such a thing!"

"I'm telling you, she said it," Laharl said, unusually timid in the face of Flonne's intensity.

"She must be ill! She's suffering from an angelic fever or something and she isn't thinking straight!!" Her fists clenched, Flonne looked up at the ceiling and nodded.

"That's it. I must heal her!" Flonne raised her voice, and then she ran to her own room.

"She's off in her own world again." Etna shrugged her shoulders as if there were no helping it.

"I'm going to see Lamington. I won't be back until tonight." With that, Laharl went outside, all but fleeing.

Having just missed him, Elle poked her head out from the kitchen. "My, I wonder where Laharl-san went?"

"He said he's going to the Seraph's place."

"Oh, that's too bad. And I went to the trouble of making lunch."

Sighing as though deeply disappointed, Elle returned to the kitchen. In her hands was a round pancake. A peace sign was drawn with care in the sauce and vegetables.

"Man, he seems to be taking quite a lot of damage," Etna murmured as she watched Laharl's retreating back.

"Yep, maybe it's about time I stabbed him in the back. But, seeing the Prince that weak is fun, too," Etna said dangerously, and her tail waved back and forth in delight.

"Well! Welcome. Has something happened?"

Lamington received this abrupt visit, too, with a smile, and headed for the desk in his room.

"I thought I'd have tea or something. Are you working? If I'm interrupting, don't bother."

As he spoke, Laharl was already sitting down on the sofa. Lamington's desk was piled with a mountain of documents.

"No, you are welcome."

Still serene, Lamington rose from his chair, and came towards the sofa.

"There are a lot, huh," Laharl said in admiration as he looked at the stack of documents.

"Today is a light day."

"That's light?"

"Yes," Lamington replied with an unconcerned face. "I can look over that amount in two hours."

"You're joking, right?"

"No, I do not lie."

"But there are things you don't say."

"That's true." Lamington chuckled and went on. "Once you become accustomed to it, you, too, will be able to do this amount of work quickly. Krichevskoy-dono was the same way."

"My old man was my old man."

Just then a lower-ranking angel appeared bringing a pot and cups, and cake. Once he had poured the tea from the pot, he smiled brightly and departed.

Gesturing for Laharl to go ahead, Lamington relaxed onto the sofa.

The tea was black, and the cake was a fruit tart. The small fruits glowed white as though giving off a light from within.

Laharl stared hard at the black tea and asked, "What is this called?"

"The black tea? It is an original blend called 'bright blossom.' It is characterized by its flowery aroma. If you put a little milk in, it is delicious. And those are my favorite bright cherries."

Laharl glared at the cake for a moment as though wondering whether it contained some trap, but in the end he firmed up his resolve, stuck a fork into it, and put it in his mouth.

"How is it?"

"Well, it's good." His tone said that it wasn't, but Laharl ate it up in the blink of an eye.

"I am glad. Bright cherries are the brightest fruits in Celestia. They have become a symbol of love and light."

"You, that was intentional, wasn't it?"

Laharl glared at Lamington with an expression of extreme displeasure. But, his question was simply evaded.

Once he understood Lamington had no intention of answering, Laharl changed the subject.

"By the way, what do you mean to do about Flonne?"

"Do?" Lamington poured a little milk into his black tea and brought the cup to his mouth.

"How long do you mean to leave her in the Netherworld?"

"That is right, isn't it? How long would be all right with you?"

"I'm asking you."

"It depends on you. I do not mind however long she stays."

"What do you mean by that?"

Without answering him, Lamington subtly changed the subject. "For Celestia, Flonne is the future."

Peering suspiciously at the other's expression, Laharl asked, "If Flonne's so important, why did you have her fall to the Netherworld?"

"It is unfortunate, but my authority was still insufficient. And there were quite a few who held animosity towards the young Flonne."

"I see. So you were trying to protect Flonne by making her a fallen angel."

At Laharl's words, Lamington nodded silently. "Even now there are many who object to interaction with the Netherworld. However, it is something that is necessary for the future. That is why I sent Flonne to the Netherworld, and had her meet you."

"Together with my old man."


"Hell, what meddlesome bastards." Laharl sipped his tea with a sullen face.

Smiling, Lamington again changed the topic. "Well, we spoke of it yesterday, but what number of people would be best?"

"Two or three would be good. If there are no problems, we can increase it."

"That is true, isn't it? Well then, I shall make the arrangements."

He added something to one of the documents, then threw it up into the air, and the paper became a dove and flew away.

As if he had done quite a task, Lamington lifted the tea cup to his mouth, and sank into the sofa. A calm smile on his face, he looked at Laharl.

"How are you finding Celestia?"

At Lamington's question, Laharl grimaced sharply.

"Is there some problem?"

"There aren't any problems."

"With that sort of expression, it does not appear that way."

"There still aren't any problems." No matter the circumstances, there was no way he could say that he was completely exhausted from those love attacks. "I'm thinking to return to the Netherworld tomorrow."

"Is that so? Please do not let this visit discourage you from coming again."

"I'm not discouraged by anything. And it's your turn to come next time."

"Indeed. It certainly is, isn't it? I shall intrude on you in the near future."

"I'll give you a warm, Netherworld welcome."

"Go easy on me." Lamington bowed his head slightly.

"Oh, yeah. There was something I wanted to ask you."

"About Ozonne, yes?"

"How do you know that?"

"I have my own information network."

He's just as shrewd as ever, Laharl cursed under his breath, and continued, "Are there others in Celestia who think like that?"

"When one way of thinking becomes a world's accepted viewpoint, those who think differently naturally appear."

"Is that right?"

"Vulcanus was one. Krichevskoy-dono was another."

Grimacing at his father's name, Laharl asked in return, "And you're saying Ozonne is another?"


"What do you mean to do?"

"I have no intention of eliminating heresy. I will let her do as she will."

"Can you maintain the order of Celestia that way?"

"If it crumbles at this rate, then it means that Celestia has no right to exist."

"Your confidence is enough to impress me."

At Laharl's words, Lamington just bowed silently without saying anything. Instead, smiling, he opened his mouth. "May I ask one more question?"

"Yeah, go ahead."

"What do you think of Flonne?"


Lamington nodded, smiling.

For an instant Laharl's face was stunned, but he quickly shook his head. "I've never thought about it."

"I am in no hurry. I do not mind how many years it takes, so please give me an answer."

Leaving his cup and standing, Lamington turned his back on Laharl. He looked out the window, and like letting out a little breath he murmured, "Yes, there is time, until my life fades..."


The following morning, Etna came out of Flonne's room.

When she had tried to sleep in the guest room, Flonne had called out to her, and somehow or other she had wound up sleeping in the cramped room.

"Prince, are you awake?" She knocked on the door to Laharl's love-riddled room.


From within the room escaped a moaning voice. She thought she heard the tottering footsteps of a zombie walking, and from the pitch dark room, Laharl appeared.

Dark circles showed beneath his eyes, and his feet staggered.

"Wahh, you're a completely rotten zombie!"

"Don't be an idiot! As you can see, I'm the picture of health!!" As he answered, Laharl planted a hand on his waist and smiled.

"Oh, you're overdoing it!"

"What do you mean, overdoing it? There's no way I would collapse at this level."

He talked big, but his exhaustion was worse than the prior day.

Having come out of the kitchen, Flonne looked at Laharl's face and immediately raised her voice in surprise. "What's the matter, Laharl-san? Are you sick?"

"I'm not sick," Laharl answered with a groan.

Even though I've known her this long, she still doesn't understand my allergies? That frustrating thought rose up as if to weigh on his already exhausted spirit.

"It must be because of the change in environment. Shall I Heal you?"

"Ahh, enough already!"

Shaking off Flonne's hand, Laharl went outside.

"Ah, Laharl-san!"

When Flonne hurriedly went after him, Laharl had already spread his scarf like wings and flown off.

"Ahhh, you've been dumped, Flonne-chan," Etna said teasingly.

"Dump— That isn't it!"

"You think? In that case, maybe I'll go play with the Prince."

Etna gave Flonne a meaningful smile and went dashing outside. She spread her wings, and from the air, Etna took a moment to confirm the direction Laharl had flown. Then she swiftly went after him.

When she recognized Laharl's figure below her and started to descend, she saw another figure.

"Huh? He's already got company......"

Hurriedly retracing her course, she landed in the shadow of a rock a little ways away. From there she took stock of the situation.

"Hahaa, that's Ozonne-chan, isn't it?"

Her hair was short, but it was of a like color to Flonne's, and that was plenty for her to make a guess.

"Hmmm, I definitely get a different impression from her than Flonne-chan. If I had to say, she seems more like me. Though she has more of a chest than I do," Etna muttered, a little vexed.

Meanwhile, the two of them began walking together.

"I'll just spy on them." Grinning, Etna began following after the two.

The two sat down atop a rock lying in the meadow and fell into conversation.

Drawing near enough that she would likely be discovered if she got any closer, Etna pricked up her ears. But, although they seemed to be talking, she couldn't hear it.

"Guess I'll just have to get a little closer."

That brat, she's pretty shrewd, isn't she? Etna thought and, taking care, crept stealthily forward through the grass. When she had gone 10 meters, she was able to hear voices.

"Hey, when are you going back to the Netherworld?"

"Today or tomorrow. It isn't as though I have that much free time."

Even though he always does his work haphazardly, Etna retorted in astonishment.

"I see. That's right, huh......" Ozonne sighed.

Huh? She seems sad.

Even though it's been two days since you met him, Ozonne-chan, you've already fallen? That Prince, he's doing surprisingly well.

"Ah, damn it! And things were finally getting interesting!!" came Ozonne's frustrated voice.

Huh? Etna's shoulders slumped. They seem more like guy friends, at that.

She had a strange, depressed feeling like a wash of some disappointment.

"Mmm, even though it shouldn't have anything to do with me."

She made a troubled face, not understanding her own feelings. But, while Etna was troubling over it, the situation was progressing.

"Hey, you want to come to my house?"

"Yeah, all right."

The two leapt down from the rock and walked off.

Woah! Isn't this atmosphere a little dangerous!?

On the instant, Etna came alive.

Without a moment's delay, she started after them.

Ozonne's home was a single house very much on the outskirts. It wasn't certain whether it could really be called a house or not. To put it plainly, it was an abandoned building. The stones were crumbling apart here and there, and their shape changed with the weathering of the wind.

"So there are ruins like this in Celestia, too," Etna couldn't help muttering.

She was trying to figure out where Laharl and Ozonne had gone when she heard a voice from inside.

"This is some house." It was Laharl's amazed-sounding voice.

"In Celestia, you're fine to sleep outside. And there aren't any characters reading 'love' or 'friendship' anywhere here."

"That's true."

After some indication of them walking around, there came the sound of them sitting on chairs or something.

"This is the first time since I came here that I've been able to relax. I don't know what that Lamington guy is thinking either."

"Say, what sort of place is the Netherworld?"

"It's a more violent and dangerous place than here. Well, compared to Celestia, anyplace has to be more dangerous. This place somehow lacks any power, and there's no appeal. Though strangely there are those with power." Laharl's smile slipped as though Flonne's family had come to mind.

"I'd like to go see it. I wish I'd become a fallen angel. And not Flonne." When she said 'Flonne,' a considerable amount of feeling entered her voice. She seemed to hate her.

It seems like it'd be better not to tell Flonne-chan, not about this, Etna thought, very much unlike a demon. She didn't know what might happen, and she got the feeling that something bad would happen to her.

After that, she tried again to listen in on what was going on inside the house, but it was just a rambling conversation.

"Hmm, nothing's happening." Whatever she had been expecting, Etna seemed dissatisfied.

"Somehow I feel stupid doing this sort of thing. Maybe I'll go back," Etna muttered. She leapt up suddenly, turned a somersault in the air, and flew up.

Unlike in the Netherworld, the sky in Celestia was crisp and dry. That part made her body feel light. It felt good to move her wings with ease.

"Just this much, this is good."

Even going into the city, there was no bustle of stores or shops, but rather it was orderly and without energy. It was pretty, but something was missing.

"Yep, the Netherworld is better after all."

Etna enjoyed the sky into the afternoon, and afterwards she landed at Flonne's house.

"Etna-san, where's Laharl-san?"

Flonne's question greeted Etna once she alighted in the entryway.

"He might not be coming back today."

"Eh? Did something happen?"

"Mmm, with how things were going, I don't think so."

At her subtle wording, Flonne tilted her head. "What do you mean?"

Just then one of the prinnies came up. It was Number 9.

"Ah, Flonne-san, His Majesty said that he's staying at a friend's place, dood," he told Flonne as if incidentally.

"Ah, hey!" Etna opened her mouth reflexively, but she was already too late.

"A friend?" Flonne asked.

"He said something like Ozonne-san, dood."

"Ozonne!?" On hearing that name, Flonne reacted with a twitch. "That girl, why is she with Laharl-san......?"

"They really seemed like they were getting along, dood. They were even holding hands, dood."

Etna wondered if that were true, but the prinnies equipped with conscience circuits weren't supposed to be able to lie. No, now's not the time for that, she thought, and looked at Flonne.

Flonne's expression was tight somehow. Her mouth twisted into a frown.

"Where is Ozonne?"

She's mad, definitely. Etna could hear the anger in Flonne's voice.

"They went towards the ruins directly south of here, dood."

"The place we played when we were children," she murmured under her breath, and with a determined face Flonne turned around and spread her black wings.

"I'm going out for a bit!"

"Where are you going, Flonne-chan?"

Not hearing Etna's question at all, Flonne flew off.

"Man, however you look at it, that's the behavior of a woman who's had her man stolen," Etna murmured in amusement. It definitely seemed like a demon's nature to enjoy conflict.

"Now then, it's gotten interesting." Etna clapped her hands, and then she, too, leapt up to follow Flonne.

Left behind, Prinny Number 9 waited until he could no longer see Etna's figure, then turned and walked off in the direction of the town.

After walking for about 20 minutes, he reached the town, and scanned the vicinity with a restless eye. He appeared to be looking for something.

The angels walking in the area did not pay the slightest attention to prinnies.

If one looked closely, there were other prinnies hurrying back and forth. They were Celestian prinnies. Their penguin forms were coming apart, but their hue was brighter, and their expressions softer.

Prinny Number 9 walked along a street where shops were lined up, and found a group lined up along the street.

The prinnies numbered 1 through 8 were seated on chairs in front of a shop, eating dango. It was obvious at a glance that they were different from the Celestian prinnies working hurriedly.

Number 9 stepped up and addressed his comrades.

"I finally found you, dood."

Prinny Number 3 swallowed a dango and asked, "Where did you go, dood?"

"I have orders from His Majesty, dood."

As Number 9 spoke, they pressed their faces closer, and they all formed a circle and stood listening to his words.

When Number 9 had finished his explanation, they all raised their voices at once in surprise.

"Is it all right to do something like that, dood?"

"Those are the orders, dood." Number 9 said in a voice with no enthusiasm, and in contrast the eight prinnies came to life and began showing excitement.

"Let's do it, dood!"

"The supplies are over there, dood. Decide on your respective shares and carry them, dood."

Number 9 pointed out some boxes stacked under the eaves of a nearby building to the eight excited prinnies.

"It's been a while, hasn't it, dood?"

"I'm excited, dood."

Talking eagerly, the eight prinnies each shouldered a box of about the same size as himself and dispersed throughout the town.

Watching this, a smile came to Number 9's face.

"This should do it...... dood." Number 9 nodded, and gave a nod to the eaves from which the boxes had vanished. "Things are going smoothly, dood."

Something strange stood before his gaze.

A cylindrical thing shining silver. At a height of about 80 centimeters, it was about the same level as a prinny, and its width was 20 centimeters around. Feeler-like things extended to either side, and from its middle two rods stuck out like legs.

It gave the impression of a poorly-made doll. Where there should have been a face, there were only three holes. The upper two were round, and the one below was triangular.

And, the upper two holes shone. They were probably eyes.

That figure rose softly, and without a sound it flew away.

"Well then, this is it...... dood. I'm looking forward to seeing the face that Laharl makes...... dood."

Number 9 laughed boldly.

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  1. ^ The two of them are agreeing to call each other by name only, without honorifics like -san.

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