Costa del Sol - Taking a Break

Arrival at Costa del Sol

The Shinra's Arrival

Exploring the Town

The Beach

The Next Morning

The cargo ship arrives in Costa del Sol, and everyone gets off. Yuffie runs over to talk to one of the locals before joining the group.

Damn! Sure is hot here!
But I sure feel better now that I can say good-bye to this sailor suit.
Yo listen up!! Y'all be sure to mingle like regular folks here!

Oh, too bad. I liked Barret's sailor suit.
He looked so cute.

......What'ya mean "cute"?

Right... well, uh...
Barret, why don't you use that sailor suit for pajamas?
Right, Cloud?

- I guess
- Keep your mind on Sephiroth

I guess

Ahhh...... You look like a bear wearing a marshmallow.

The hell's that supposed to mean!? This happens to be the most comfortable, so shu'up!

Keep your mind on Sephiroth

Remember, this isn't a vacation. We're here after Sephiroth.
I'm going on ahead.

Hmmph, Cloud. You're the one, who's always hangin' around wastin' time. I'm going to skip this resort!

...puff... puff...
Would you kindly hurry? The heat here is drying my nose.

Yeah, mine, too!!

All right. We'll take a break and then head off.
Don't wander too far off.

I'll wander wherever I damn well want! Who made him the leader?

Barret runs off.

Maybe I should get a tan for a change.
Which do you like, Cloud?

- I like fair complexions.
- Maybe a healthy tan is nice.

Aeris (she says the same thing regardless)
Got it. I'll remember that.

I think I'll go swimming.

Sounds good to me!
Hmm? Cloud, are you thinking of anything in particular?
Your cool exterior's cracking...
Well then, let's go!

She and Tifa run off.

It looks like my mane got messed up.
I'm going to rest somewhere cool.

He slinks away.

Don't bother looking for me!

She runs off.

You're stowaways, right?
It's okay. I'm used to them.
The truth is, before I worked here, I was one of the best.
Costa del Sol... a harbor paradise where the sun always shines and it's summer all year round!
Hmm...... Things aren't going well...... You can go sightseeing in the city.

Sailor Running Around
Don't bug me. This is Rufus's first official visit since becoming President.
It seems like he's here on business this time.
I'm so jealous of him, I could spit. We're both about the same age, but, he's President.

Sailor on the Helipad
Oh crap... The manager of Shinra won't come down.
Even though the President's here on business. All he does is play, forgetting everything to do with work.

Woman Lounging on Sea Plane
But a bunch of hardworking deckhands like you wouldn't understand.
On the marine blue sea, Gazing at the eternal skies that seem to go on forever... Gives you the feeling like you're taking a nap on the wing of a Cessna.
It's the ultimate high!

Man Near Sea Plane
Heh, heh... I hear the Shinra brass are arriving soon.
Heh, heh...! Got nothing to do with us, does it?

Cloud leaves the dock, and Shinra's helicopter lands on the helipad as Rufus and Heideggar get off the ship.

What a long boat ride that was!!
Hmmm...... Good work everyone......

Gya, Heh, heh..., ha!! Hurry up with that!

Yes, sir!!

I heard Sephiroth was on board.


And it seems Cloud and the others were on board, too.


They all slipped through...... You messed up big this time, Heidegger.

I'm ashamed of myself.

Is that all you can do...?
Give one word answers and apologize for everything?

Ready for departure, sir!!

......Do something. I'll be expecting results.

He walks to the helicopter, and Heidegger charges the sailors, throwing them into the ocean. The helicopter takes off.

Back to Cloud. If he goes back to the harbor...

Man Near Sea Plane
Hey! Spread out, all of you, out!!
Put any fingerprints, scratches, or dents on that plane and I'll put one in your head!
Da plane, da plane!! This's something you'll never be able to do in your lifetime.
So you just watch from a distance... and wish.

Woman Lounging on Sea Plane
He's quite handsome, isn't he?......
Oh, don't worry, I'm not talking about you.
I'm talking about President Rufus. Charming, rich, blond... He even looks good in a double-breasted suit.

Damn. I'm soaking wet down to my underwear.
Oops! You must be those AVALANCHE guys!
Quick! Let's get outta here! Heidegger's in charge of the transport ship.
That's tough for both of us.
The transport ship won't be sailing for quite a while. Heidegger's orders.

Sailor Running Around
Rufus complimented me on my job!
Wow!! I guess it pays to do good work.

Shinra Manager
Oh, oh, oh!!! I'm gonna quit this company!!
I mean it, I'm really gonna quit!!
Heidegger's such an idiot!!
And Rufus, acting all big!!
God, that sure felt good...

Back to the town...

Woman at the Information Kiosk
Say, aren't you bored?

- Not that much
- Yeah, we fight a lot

Not that much

Woman at the Information Kiosk
Oh, really? I'm a little bored.
Come on, back to work now!

Yeah, we fight a lot

Woman at the Information Kiosk
Isn't that good? You're just expecting too much.

Woman at the Information Kiosk
Here you are! The Costa del Sol tourist information guide.
What do you want to know?

- Where's the inn?
- Where're the stores?
- Show me around town.

Where's the inn?

Woman at the Information Kiosk
Let's see. I recommend a resort located on the outskirts of the city.

Where're the stores?

Woman at the Information Kiosk
If you're looking for souvenirs, we recommend Butch's.

Show me around town

Woman at the Information Kiosk
Wait a minute. I'm going to look at my guidebook.
It says, Costa del Sol is the gateway to the West. And has a prominent world renown resort, which has been around for ages.
Come on! I don't care about that!
If you want a good time, come to the beach! There are lots of beautiful women.
You wouldn't happen to be... rich?

- Oh yeah...
- Well, not so

Oh yeah...

Woman at the Information Kiosk
You're kidding! You can't tell just by looking.
But I'll tell you just in case.
After relaxing at Costa del Sol, stop by the Gold Saucer. It's a rich and exciting place to play!
Head south to the Gold Saucer, and you'll find casinos and an amusement park.
But if you're planning to walk, you'll have to cross mountains and valleys. I wouldn't recommend it.
But if you're on a vacation, you should go there at least once.

Well, not so

Woman at the Information Kiosk
I thought so.
Are you interested? This is the road to Gold Saucer.
Head south to the Gold Saucer, and you'll find casinos and an amusement park.
But if you're planning to walk, you'll have to cross mountains and valleys. I wouldn't recommend it.
But if you're on a vacation, you should go there at least once.

Cloud enters a nearby villa, and finds a suited man resting in the bedroom.

What a fluffy bed...... feels so great......
Mmm... Just a little longer......
Oh, I'm sorry...... I didn't know you were here. This is embarrassing.
Take your time and look around.
By the way, are you seriously considering buying?

- The heck do ya mean?
- I'm out of here

The heck do ya mean?

What are you selling?

That's pretty low. Are you pulling my leg?
I'm talking about this house. This villa used to belong to President Shinra. It only recently came back on the market.
How do you like it?
It has a large lot, comes fully furnished with this goose-down bed, and there's even a basement to boot.
The villagers call it the Shinra Villa.
Of course, we're not giving it away...

- How much is it?
- Not interested

How much is it?

Wha? How do you plan to buy it without a dime on you?
Well, I'll tell the price just for your information.
It's a steal at 300,000 gil. Out of your range? Out! Go on, out!
Hmm... Is this some kind of joke?

Not interested

Yes, you're right. I'm sorry, please continue.
Well, what do you think? Isn't it a fabulous villa?
The feeling you get with owning a villa is simply... how should I say? ...indescribable.
Well, let's wait for the captain.

I'm out of here

Yes, you're right. I'm sorry, please continue.
Well, what do you think? Isn't it a fabulous villa?
The feeling you get with owning a villa is simply... how should I say? ...indescribable.
Well, let's wait for the captain.

If by chance Cloud actually has the money to buy the villa...

'Praise the Lord,' it's a miracle!! Who'd ever think someone with some real money would ever come here...... I probably shouldn't even ask, but Are you really going to buy it?

- Yep, 300,000 gil
- I changed my mind

Yep, 300,000 gil

Bought "Villa Cloud"!

Hmm, good-bye!! Good-bye fluffy bed!!

I changed my mind

Oh well I'm kind of glad!

This is MY villa. Rest up in your new villa?
- With pleasure
- Gotta move on

In the basement, there is a man sleeping at his desk amidst bunch of crates.

Yes sir!!
Oh, those items are free, so please help yourself.
...SNORE... SNORE...
Geez my lower back's killing me!
Y, yes... sir!!
How do you do! I'm the Manager.
Nice to meet you.
Well, if you'll pardon me, I'll be leaving. Good-night.

In the corner pub, from whose window a woman peeks out occasionally.

You want drink? Iz ok. You take time.

We're all headin' over to Gold Saucer now.
We're gonna make a ton of money at the Chocobo races.
Then we're gonna take a trip to Icicle Inn and snowboard.

Surfer 2
Yeah, snowboarding's what's happening this year.
I'm sick of surfing.

Black Man
...huff... puff... I can't stand hot places...

......HIC... Mm? Wanna order? We're outta that now.

I really like this town.
You could walk around nearly naked, and no one'd look twice at you.

Man in Corner
Come on... please. If you don't buy from me... I can't make ends meet.

Welcome to Bar del Sol! Here's to tropical nights!

Woman Behind Counter
Hey! I thought you'd drop by.
(That's 1, 2... 4 fishes all together...... not bad.)

Back outside...

Women Walking Around
Shall we play our hand around here?
Not yet. Remember, no compromises.
You're right. After all, this trip was expensive.
But only your average Joes are trying to pick us up.
Well, that's because we're just too beautiful and hard to approach.
I guess so. Well, I envy the plain Janes.
Why don't we compromise? We'll make do with what we have.
Not yet. Remember, no compromises.

Nearby, Red XIII is sitting in the shade, hitting a soccer ball around with two kids.

Hm, that's interesting.
It's not as if I'm doing this because I want to.
You see, this tail of mine, moves quite independently of my will.

Little Girl
I heard. That big dog talks like a human.
That's cool... but it's weird.

If Cloud kicks the soccer ball at Red XIII, he'll jump up and growl at him.


Little Boy
1, 2, 3, here we go!

If Red XIII is in your party, the kids are playing by themselves.

Little Girl
It's the ocean. A creepy man was signaling for us to come.
I was scared to come here!

Well, we're lucky to have that cutie working for us part-time.

Ah, Cloud! Let me make a buck why don't you?
I'm sellin' Materia. Why don't you buy some!?

If Yuffie is in your party, Butch is tending the shop by himself.

Yeah, I'd like to hire a gorgeous chick and have a great time.

Item Shopkeeper
How about a 'Soft' as a memento of this wonderful trip? Made especially in Costa del Sol!

Inside the inn, Barret is in the bathroom in his sailor outfit, posing in front of the mirror.

Uh uh!
Marlene! You ok?......
Dad'll wear this when I go to see you.
Uh uh!
Hey, yo!!! Someone's in here, awright!?

Uggh! I feel God awful! Oh!! You!
Weren't you the one with that big sailor?

- Dunno what you're talking about
- Wasn't me

Dunno what you're talking about

What's the matter?

Listen to this...
All of a sudden, this big sailor just busts in here, and takes over the restroom.
He's been in there moaning ever since.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Ah...... if you're checking in, would you please pay his bill, too?

Wasn't me

I don't know.

Wrong guy? It puts us in a bad situation. That guy's taken over the john.
And he hasn't even paid his hotel bit yet.
Ah...... if you're checking in, would you please pay his bill, too?

Barret runs out of the bathroom.

Yo, Cloud! Still too early, ain't it?

Cloud shrugs, and Barret runs back into the bathroom.

Come on now... He's a friend of yours...... fibber.
What now? Call it a night?
200 gil a night.

- Stay
- I've changed my mind

If Cloud chooses not to stay yet:

Are you sure? Please come again.

If Barret is in your party...

Shucks!! Too bad!
Hey! Hey you! Does your friend have a cute lady?
She came in here looking for him a while ago. Shouldn't you find her?
What are you going to do? Just forget about her and go to bed?
200 gil a night.

- Stay
- Changed my mind


You look like you can handle it. Well then......

Changed my mind

That's right. Don't worry. Please come by again.

Inside Johnny's house, Johnny is standing around nervously and someone is taking a bath in the bathroom.

What's with YOU!!
Hey, is
We were in SOLDIER, and childhood friends before that. You were such a playboy.
And a $#&^ murderer!!
Why can't I remember your name?

* Note: Johnny's lines here are poorly translated. He should be identifying Cloud as an ex-SOLDIER and Tifa's childhood friend. Johnny himself was not in SOLDIER and does not come from Nibelheim.

- Who are YOU?
- I'm Cloud, and don't forget it

Who are YOU?

That's right. Long time no see. Do you remember me?
That's okay. We'll just keep on like we don't know each other.
I'm starting a new life in this town.
A lot of things happened to us. Heh, I better stop my mumbling! I sure envy you all just living outside with the sky as your ceiling.

I'm Cloud, and don't forget it

You think you're good enough to go around bragging about who you are?
I don't wanna here it! Heh, no more mumbling from me!
From now on, I'm starting a new life!

Woman in Bathroom
I'm sorry about that. He's had some big shocks lately and is pretty depressed.

Hurry up and get out of here!
I'm happy like this. So keep out of my life.

Down at the beach...

Oh! Cloud!!

Look, look at that!

- Who, Hojo...?
- That girl in the bikini......?

Who, Hojo...?

Is that man over there, Hojo?

Go over and talk to him.

That girl in the bikini......?

Not a bad view......

What're you looking at?
That man over there. That's Hojo from Shinra. Get outta here Go talk to him!

Go over and talk to him.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Men on the Beach
heh heh...... All the good ones are gone.

If Tifa or Aeris are in the party...

Men on the Beach
What about that one? Shall we make do with her?
But she's got a guy with her.
No problem, I can handle him.
Right? You thought so, too?

If Tifa and Aeris are not in the party...

Men on the Beach
Geez! What about those two?
Heh heh...... I want the one on the left.
Well then, I guess that leaves me with the one on the right.

Cloud runs over to where Hojo is lying in a lounge chair, surrounded by three women in bikinis.

God!! What do you want?

- I want to talk with that man
- Is that Hojo?

I want to talk with that man

(Hey, who do you think you are?)
Professor Hojo. That scary man says he wants to talk with you.

Is that Hojo?

(What's his problem?)
Yes, that's right. It's the Professor!
Professor... someone's here to see you, sir.

I'm busy right now.

......But. Too bad.

Heh heh heh...... All right. You sure are loud.
Long time no see, Cloud.

Or, if Cloud talked to the woman in front of Hojo:

No, I remember you all now......
Yes, yes. I remember now.
It's been a long time, Cloud.

The others run over to join Cloud.


Sometimes you just gotta do something like this.

......What are you doing?

It should be obvious, I'm getting a tan.

Answer me!

Hmm! I believe we're both after the same goal.

You mean Sephiroth?

Did you see him?

Cloud nods.

I see...... Ha! Ha!

He stands up on his beach chair.

What is it?

Nothing. I just remembered a certain hypothesis......
Haven't you ever had the feeling something is calling you?
Or that you had to visit some place?......

I'll go anywhere Sephiroth is at!
To beat him and put an end to all this!

I see...... This could be interesting.
Were you in SOLDIER? .......Heh heh heh! Would you like to be my guinea pig?

Cloud reaches for his sword.

Oh, now what? Are you going to draw your sword?

Yo, yo! It's a bad idea to kill him.

Cloud, don't. If he dies, we won't find out anything!

Stop, Cloud! I know how you feel, but you mustn't.

...huff... puff... Stop, Cloud!

Knock it off, Cloud! Look I don't know, but he knows a lot of stuff, right?

Red XIII collapses, and Cloud shakes his head.

Ha! Ha! Ha!......

He walks to Aeris.

Say, aren't you the 'Ancient'?

I'm Aeris. The least you can do is remember my name.
I want you to tell me something, Professor Hojo...
I know I'm an Ancient. My mother told me.

Your mother? Oh, you mean Ifalna.
How is she?

You didn't know!? She died.

......I see.

Professor Hojo...
Is Jenova an Ancient? Is Sephiroth an Ancient? Do we all have the same blood?

......mumble... mumble... head west......

He's mumbling slowly... That must mean he's hiding something!

Hojo sits down again.


Grrr, Grrr......... ...huff... puff...

Hey! Answer us!!

Red XIII collapses again.

......It's no use. It's no go.

He never takes off his lab coat even in this heat. I guess that's the mark of an intellectual.

Woman 2
I'll interpret Professor Hojo's whispers.
Head west, past Mt. Corel and keep going......
Did you get that? I didn't understand it well, myself.

Woman 3
I'd be happy to be a guinea pig, if it's for Professor Hojo!

Man Swimming
Yipes!! Help!!
...breath... breath...! Kind of takes your breath away, don't it!?

Man on Beach
If you're headed for Mt. Corel, then you'd better buy some "Soft".
At least that's what they always say, don't they?
Be prepared, and you'll never fear.
Hey, I'm no idiot. I NEVER count my chickens before they hatch! Pretty good, huh?

Inside Johnny's new house, Tifa is talking with him, the two of them sitting across from each other on the beds.

Oh, right! I remember that, too.

Yeah, yeah! And you remember the time when......?

Hee, hee, hee!

Ha, ha, ha!......

Ha, ha... oh stop it! That's right. Oh really......

Yeah. Oh yeah, and then that time......

Yeah, yeah!

Cloud enters the room, and both Tifa and Johnny turn to look at him.

Cloud, would you mind leaving us alone for the day?
We haven't seen each other for ages and sometimes it's fun to talk about old times for a change.
We'll try not to be too late.
So please don't worry about us!

- Worry......?
- Yeah......


I'm not worried.

You're right......


Just remember we're leaving early tomorrow.

Ok, I know.

Yeah, so don't get mad or anything.

Back at the inn, Aeris is lying on one of the beds.

Whew... I don't know why I'm so tired.
There's so many things I don't understand......
I feel a little uneasy.
What do you think of me?

- I dunno
- Nothing much

I dunno

I don't understand anything.

......You're right.
Even I don't understand myself.
I wonder what part of me is like an Ancient?
What is an Ancient supposed to be like? It's strange, isn't it?
I don't understand it......
Ahh...... I'm going around in circles. I wonder if there's any answer to this. Everything's so complicated.
I'm going on to bed.

Nothing much

Sorry, but I never thought about things like that.

How could you say such a thing! Sometimes you make me so mad!
Oh, I never should have brought this up!!
I don't want to talk about it!

Welcome!! What's it going to be?
200 gil a night.

- Stay
- Changed my mind.


You must be tired.
Tomorrow in the Costa del Sol area the weather is going to be...... sunny, again.
Cradled by the sound of the ocean waves...... Sweet dreams...

Or, if Cloud doesn't have enough money:

Wait a minute! There's not enough money here.

Cloud and the others spend the night.

Good morning. Be careful traveling.
Your party has departed.
That's bad luck......
I mean, they have already left.

Changed my mind.

You sure? I'll just be playing around here so drop by whenever you feel like it.

After spending the night...

You got me there...... We just hired her part-time.
She ran off with our money and Materia.
I guess a situation that's too good to be true, usually is.
Well, please feel free to browse around. Just don't mind looking at what's left.

Back at the beach...

That's right!! It totally skipped my mind!
There was something I was supposed to tell you.
That's right! It's about that!
It was yesterday. A man wearing a black cloak came up from the ocean.
I think he had tickets for the Gold Saucer... no, that wasn't it... I wonder if it was all just an illusion?

Man on the Beach
Hey...... heh heh...... don't forget to talk to me, too.

Woman 2
Hey! President Rufus came here yesterday.
He used to be the President's little boy. We nicknamed him the little Prez!
He didn't look much different than the surfers on the beach.

Man Swimming
Eeeew!! Leave me alone!
Ublk! Glug... glug...... You're gonna drown... I'm

Woman 3
Yes, Professor Hojo. Where...?
It looks like the Professor discovered or found a solution to something.
You know, I wonder...... if they headed west for Mt. Corel?
I'm getting a little sad.
Professor Hojo looks happy like a child when he discovers something. He gets this big smile and then laughs......
I guess we should chase after him. A vacation for two from Mt. Corel to Gold Saucer.

In Johnny's house, Johnny's sleeping, and the woman is still in the bathroom.

mumble... mumble... (Tifa, promise me you're gonna be happy.)

Cloud and the others leave Costa del Sol and make for Corel.

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