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New Artwork

thumbnail image: two mermaids singing thumbnail image: Lucrecia murdering Hojo thumbnail image: nonbinary pride chickadee thumbnail image: Elmyra and Ifalna bathing together thumbnail image: Cloud and Wedge in bed together thumbnail image: Barret with Aeris in a wheelchair thumbnail image: an animated portrait of Sephiroth thumbnail image: a bouquet thumbnail image: three people sleeping together thumbnail image: AVALANCHE graffitiing a Shinra logo thumbnail image: thumbnail image: Tifa, Barret, and Cloud in green light thumbnail image: AVALANCHE arriving at Cosmo Canyon thumbnail image: Cait Sith mount concepts

Recent Commissions & Patreon Rewards

thumbnail image: Joana and Natalia from the show 3% thumbnail image: a portrait of Phryne Fisher thumbnail image: a portrait of Vanasha from Horizon Zero Dawn thumbnail image: a portrait of Guillermo from What We Do in the Shadows

New & Updated Fanfiction

And It Won't Be Too Much [Read on AO3]

Lucrecia/Shera. The pull of the Reunion draws Lucrecia from her cave, but she only makes it as far as Rocket Town. Shera takes her in, and they pass the days before Meteorfall slowly growing to cherish each other's company.

"Papa" [Read on AO3]

Barret's journey from the aftermath of Corel's destruction to the moment he embraces his role as Marlene's father.

Past the Line [Read on AO3]

Barret/Sephiroth. When he thinks about it, Barret can't quite wrap his head around why the man who killed President Shinra should be his enemy.

Safety [Read on AO3]

Barret/Ifalna. While visiting a book café in the Midgar slums, Barret runs into someone who shares his interest in planetology... and who understands the kind of loss he's been through.

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